Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Butterflies - Thrifty Swap Gifts

In addition to the church auction I already posted about, I also painted two more similar silk scarves with butterflies for my Thrifty Swap partners, Heather and Annie.  I know both are received so here they are ... one was a long scarf, the other square.

I stayed with the same theme and colours for both as they have similar likes, but the nice thing about silk painting is that the inks spread and blend unexpectedly so no two are quite the same.

The materials were thrifty as I had bought the scarves at Christmas when the supplier had an offer, I had the inks already and the sequins I had saved from those little bags they attach to dresses in case you lose a bit.

I also made them each a scented lavender bag from the fabric given to me in my  swap with Lemonade Kitty.
I really enjoyed swapping with Annie and Heather - you can see the lovely things they sent me
 here (Heather's gifts) and here (Annies' gifts)  It's lovely to have someone in mind to make for and of course it's exciting to have a parcel to open and something that has been specially made for you too.


  1. I saw the scraf on Heathers post - its gorgeous - you are very clever :)

    If there's another thrifty swap then I would love to join in - last time I was just too swapped out having just done 2 others.

  2. Those scarves are really beautiful! I bet the new proud owners treasure them. They are that extra bit special because they are thrifty.
    Kandi x

  3. I've just loved reading all three of your swap posts - what fantastic gifts you made a recieved, Betty! Michela has just got my parcel and has told me that mine is in the post - we'd arranged between us to post a bit later because of postal difficulties around Easter. I shall post about what I sent her soon, and then await her parcel with excitement! It was a lovely swap and a whole week of thrifty tips and meeting new people - thanks so much for organising it.

  4. I saw Heather's post, what beautiful scarves.
    Carol xx

  5. Thank you Betty it was a great swap, the scarf is so pretty, you are a very clever lady
    Heather x

  6. I am so please with the amazing gifts you sent! I will be blogging about them at the weekend when I get going again! love Annie


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