Friday, 13 May 2011


I finished the bag - Heather, who was my partner on the Thrifty Swap made me a beautiful bag and posted a tutorial which I followed.  This is my attempt, made from fabric scraps and the lining is one of those cotton shopping bags White Stuff hand out with your purchase.  I think I will keep going and make some more -  how lovely it will be to do the weekly shop with these instead of plastic carrier bags!


  1. Oh, they are very pretty! Most of the time, I forget my bags at home when I shop. I'm going to try to remember! Well done!

  2. It`s like Groundhog Day on Blogger today - all the comments I posted the other day have disappeared!
    I love your bag, Betty - such pretty colours and what a great idea to use the cotton bag for a lining - mind if I pinch it? Have a good weekend. x

  3. I can't take credit for this idea - Heather at invented these and sent me one - I just followed the tutorial she gave out during the Thrifty Week to make my own - take a look at her blog, she makes lovely things. Bettyx

  4. I love the bag - it looks great! Patchwork always does! :) x

  5. Really pretty summery bag.
    Carol xx


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