Sunday, 3 April 2011

Swap Partners

The swap is closed now and the partners are below.  I'm almost afraid to post this in case there is an error somewhere? please don't tell me if there is!

If you have specified in your comment 'UK', 'Europe' or 'Anywhere' I have adhered to this
if you haven't specified - I have juggled everyone as best I can:

Carole Fee du Jardin based in France and willing to do anywhere
Camille Creates Creates based in Utah, USA and willing to do anywhere

Michela of Green Thumb/A Garden Just Outside Venice, willing to do Europe
Floss of Trocbrocrecoup, France willing to do anywhere

Elizabeth d of French Village Life, in France, willing to do Europe
Diane of Heart Shaped in UK, no preference

Jenevieve of Buttons, Ribbons and Things, UK, wanting UK only
Crafting Mum UK, of UK wanting UK only

Nana Go Go  of UK, wanting UK only
Fondant Kiss, of UK, wanting UK only

Me, wanting UK and
Patchwork Heart, UK, wanting UK only

Thankyou so very much Annie for offering to make the numbers up - think we are evens now - unless you want to join in  - in which case I will do one with you as well if you like, just let me know.
I am keeping my fingers crossed everyone is happy with their lovely partners.


  1. Thank you Betty.
    Dare I ask you to run through the rules one more time please?!

  2. Good point Elizabethd - will do a proper post but one main gift which is either hand made from thrifty things or if not a crafter, you can purchase in a thrifty way, two other small items - some people seem to fancy chocolate - I think in thrifty style we should be keeping the package as lightweight as possible and posting to arrive by end of April. We should all get a proof of posting. Will sleep on it before posting!

  3. Thank you betty this is exciting I love to swap and am delighted to have YOU! I will enjoy reading your blog with a fine tooth comb now! Heather x

  4. Fantastic! I'm delighted to swap with Michela - in fact I'd really love to pop over to Venice to deliver my parcel by hand, but I guess that wouldn't be too thrifty... Thanks for all your hard work, Betty.

    PS word verification is FLOSINEW!

  5. More than happy to have Floss as my swap partner! Thank you for your efforts!

  6. I wonder what kind of people will show up in your stats having googled something that probably says swap partners but means something completely different!!!!

  7. I don't know what you mean Auntie Gwen, says Betty eyeing her neighbours pampas grass suspiciously.

  8. Thanks for setting up the swap! :) x


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