Sunday, 3 April 2011


Yes, as you can see from the comments, not everything here was correct and there is still room for more if you want to join - I have been rushing a bit as worked two shifts all weekend so have been flitting back and forth with this - think its all present and correct and I will partner us up later this evening.
Jenevieve, of Buttons Ribbons and OtherThings (UK)
Floss, of Troc broc & Recoup (Europe/anywhere)
Nana Go-Go (UK)
Fondant Kiss (UK)
Camille Creates (anywhere)
Michelle of Green Thumb (Europe)
Carole of Feu du Jardin (anywhere)
Diane of Heart Shaped (UK)
Elizabeth d of French Village Life (Europe)
Heather at Patchwork Heart
and, .....  me .....................the odd one out!

Did I leave anyone out, did anyone want to join in?  leave a comment here today!
if nobody else joins today I can do two swaps so it will still work.


  1. Hello Betty, I think you've listed me twice, sorry if I've confused you, but I've just changed my blog signature from Green Thumb to Michela...
    (I can post anywhere in Europe, thanks!)
    We should be 5 pairs now that the mistery has been solved. Big apologies.

  2. You're welcome to join in Heather, although as I listed Green Thumb twice that means I am still one short ha ha --- anyone else?????

  3. Betty, Elizabethd, me, is at French village life, not dear Mags at Fraise lachrymose!!

  4. Oh dear Elizabeth - very sorry, have amended the list now - hope I am all straightened now! still one short.

  5. me please! I joined up but im not on the list!

  6. Oooohhh Im excited love swaps love thrifting and upcycling ... cant wait to get my swap partner thanks Betty :) x

  7. Hope you have even numbers but if not I am happy to step in but no probs if not! x

  8. Gosh, swaps are a nightmare at this point, aren't they? It does get better from now on, Betty... Now comes the fun part!

  9. Like waiting for a bus innit??!!When you`ve finished tearing your hair out, give me a shout if you need help. Looking good though and what a lovely bunch onboard. Can`t wait to get started.


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