Sunday, 27 March 2011

Gods Creatures (on the allotment)

This little fox was sunbathing on the allotments, watching the crows picking around for anything edible, he will make a good scarecrow even though he is old and slow.    He reminded me of one of my favourite childhood stories, Aesops Fables, The Fox and the Crow, so I had the book from the library this week.  The fox tricks the old crow into dropping cheese from his mouth by flattering the crow about his singing ...he asks crow to sing - the cheese drops and the fox wins the cheese!

(picture, Google Images)
I always loved these stories as a child because I was asked to guess 'the moral of the story' at the end.

These two animals are often disliked by us as they steal and scavenge, there are chickens on our allotments barricaded in like the crown jewels so the old fox can't get them and everyone's little seedlings are festooned with netting to keep the crow away, but they are only trying to survive.  It's harder to think of something good about the crow, but I have - I take the nasty bugs and put them on a fence post and the crows take them away for me!

I have been reading through Psalms in the Bible that tell us animals as well as people are to praise God, that animals are important to Him and are very much part of His plan, that we should share our worship of God with animals.

In Daniel I found this:

All you birds of the air, bless the Lord....
All you beasts, wild and tame, bless the Lord

I will look at foxes and crows in a new light now, Gods creatures great and small, there's room for us all.
This was my pause for thought during Lent, for more posts visit Floss who has a list of other participants to visit.


  1. I love watching crows soaring too, Betty. That's another point in their favour from my point of view. Son 1 and I both have had wonderful daydreams about soaring like a bird, and we spend lots of time on some walks, watching the crows and buzzards soaring in the blue sky... Thanks for your comment on my post.

  2. every animal has to survive and just cos man takes over much of land doesnt mean we own it, we share it with animals too...and some peps forget that dont they?...i love the photo of the fox- how lovely you captured it as than can be so shy and timid around humans x

  3. We are all here for a purpose...though I've yet to figure out what mosquitoes are for!
    Jane x

  4. fabby photo! I love crows, we have 4 enormous crows on our village green!

  5. Your fox, although not generally loved, looks very calm and almost tame.Poor thing, he must get hungry too.

  6. *G* I love Jane's comment!

    I think all of nature sings praise to God. I love the idea of the trees clapping their hands.

  7. Betty you have a big heart. I always think foxes look cute and The Fox & hound was my daughters favourite film growing up. I'm not so keen on the manky thing that dug up all my garden last year and gave my dog worms and fleas.

  8. Oh, what great food for thought! And, since my granddaughter and I are in the throes of working on a woodchuck project for school, I'll have to share it with her as well. :) Thank you for a sweet visit for A Pause in Lent.

  9. Your allotment sounds so rich and good! The fox is very handsome. We have foxes running by our house in the morning.
    I think it's time for another photo of Amber. She's so pretty.


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