Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pause in Lent - Authenticity in Simplicity

I didn't have anything planned for this week's Pause in Lent, thought I would wait and see what came up when I woke this morning,  Having just visited  PomPom and An Angel in the Garden I have gone in the direction of authenticity - our own that is.

My comment to PomPom on her post today was 'I think we forget we are sheep - we need to remember who we are following, our Saviour, and sometimes we do get fuzzy, graze and forget where we are going.  Thanks for the reminder.  I suppose He calls us sheep because we are so like them, easily led, forgetful, easily scared, following the crowd? '... he knows us well.

Angel in the Garden reminded me that it is so easy to lose touch with the real 'me' beneath the layers that we build - we need to remove those layers, especially during Lent when we are moving closer to God, to reveal the true soul beneath in all its vulnerability - because that is the soul that Jesus died for, the one he loves and the one that will eventually have a place in Heaven with Him, not the person who we have created but the one God has created.

This week my best blogging friend  Nana Go-Go, took the trouble to copy and post  poetry from some books she was cleaning for her boss, it is lovely that she thought of me.  It came at the best time as all the other post was bills, her envelope was crammed full of words to take me through the week.  I am liking this one best at the moment:

Finding Faith in a Flower

Sometimes when faith is running low
And I cannot fathom why things are so
I walk alone among the flowers I grow
And learn the answers to all I would know
For among my flowers I have come to see
Life's miracle and its mystery
And standing in silence and reverie
My faith comes flooding back to me!
(Helen Steiner Rice via Nana Go-Go)

Isn't that perfect - it is the simple, God created, things in life that are just their beautiful selves which bring us back to God... so I will try harder to be my real self as God sees me ... thought for the week for me will be 'authenticity in simplicity' I think.
Have a good week everyone and visit the Pause in Lent Hostess, Floss, for more thoughts on our journey through Lent. (did you notice I just found out how to do links in posts? easy!).


  1. Betty,
    Thank you for true and good words. I love Nana Go-Go's poem/gift to you, too.

  2. Hi Betty, I am delighted to meet you as a first time visitor/sister. Yes I think we pile on the layers so slowly over a period of time that we find it impossible to shed. However there is one who can and does help us and the most amazing thing is that all we must do is believe and be willing. Have a wonderful week! Mollye

  3. Thank you. Reading what you said about sheep getting fuzzy over where they are going made me think that sometimes we also just need to stand where we are and nibble the grass, nothing more.

  4. Hi Betty, I love that "authenticity in simplicity" should just about get us through the whole week I reckon! I adore your blue hyacinth...I can smell it's gorgeous fragrance from here : ) Lovely little poem reminds me of my plaque in the garden "The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the bird for mirth, one is nearer God's heart in the garden than any place else on earth" at least that's how it goes from memory. I am NOT popping out to check it is dark & rainy ; ) Much love Catherine x

  5. What a beautiful post. Perfect for the season.


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