Sunday, 27 February 2011

Woodland Treasure

I have been working long shifts all weekend and was desperate for a little bit of the woods, so went out early this morning before work and jumped a ditch looking for signs of Spring, I found hidden treasure:

 These beautiful, delicate snowdrops were growing all around...

I couldn't resist taking a few home.

On the way back I noticed this tree, naked, exposing some little creatures home

There are leaves of wild honeysuckle, horseradish, celandine, foxglove and bluebell all appearing but no flowers yet.  The lake was looking elegant though...

Such beautiful sights just outside my own door, I am so glad I live here.

I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow, have joined a Spring swap (Jackie at Sew Special Bears hosting) my partner is Lemonade Kitty so time to explore her blog .  I have shallots to plant on the allotment and painting, books to finish reading - wonder if I can cram all this into one day!


  1. Hope you had a good day off, Betty and got your shallots planted and all the other things you wanted to do. Snowdrops are irresistable at the moment, aren`t they?

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Betty! I'm glad you live in the woods, too!

  3. Oh I love a walk in the woods it's so relaxing and there's so much to see. We live beside an old cemetery and over the past week we've heard an owl "t wit to wooing" (hooting)lol, Lucey xx


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