Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lovely surprises and a new project

I have had two lovely surprises this week in addition to my beautiful swap....

Nana GoGo decided that as I was too late to join the birthday blog swap that is going on, she would arrange a surprise for me which I opened last night .... inside was this beautiful book - gardening and painting in the same book - what more could I want! also poppy seeds which will be planted on my allotment with my potatos, and some CK hand soap far too pretty to use but will make my undies drawer smell lovely.

My birthday isn't until next week, seems like it arrived early! Thankyou so vey much Anne for being so kind.

As if this wasn't enough goodies, I won a competition (non Blogland) and was sent this set of le creuset earthenware dishes- we don't have anything like this so very useful. Lucky me.

My new project of course is the allotment - went for the first time today and here are some 'before' pictures: It's huge, isn't it! and covered in weeds, rubbish, grass and bird poo ....

There's a cemetary next door and I think these raised beds look like graves!

the open area in the distance will be for potatoes - and poppies!

and here's the 'after' picture - 2 hours digging later and it's a start!

Now I have two well kept graves!

I will try not to neglect my blog but there is going to be a lot of work for the next few months.


  1. Wow your 2 hours digging has already made a huge difference.

  2. Look forward to hearing about your progress and hope that you will share some gardening tips!
    Jille x

  3. That`s not an`s a football pitch!You`ve made a great start though - it`s heavy work digging, especially in this weather but so good to be in the great outdoors with all that space around you. Wish I could be part of your `Land Army` to give you a hand!
    ~Glad parcel arrived and you liked book, which is called `Dirty Weekends...or The Part-Time Gardener` - for those that can`t see the full title and who maybe think I`m some sort of perv!I love those Le Creuset dishes - they`ll last you forever and better yet, they`re so easy to clean! x

  4. oops - I didn't take a very good picture of the book but am going to use some of the watercolour pictures for my spiritual sunday post so hopefully that will clear up any doubts!

  5. Wow - the Le Creuset stuff is a great win (I could really use it too!!!) and how sweet of Nana Gogo, with whom I've swaped in the past too. I worked out the full title of the book from what you said - no need for doubts, honest! And the 'graves' look great - every year Ben digs what I call another 'anaconda grave' - he keeps his veg beds long and thin because they are watered by an undeground hose! Can't wait to hear more about the allottment - when you have time...

  6. Wow! Your allotment is big! That's a lot of gardening! I'm impressed! Love the baking dishes, too!

  7. Well done you for an energetic start...come summer the photos on this blog will be of an allotment in full bloom I bet.


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