Monday, 31 January 2011


I have found a delightful way of de-stressing... scribbling in book margins! I know a couple of bloggers that do this but was brought up to think that you should not bend the edge of the page, let along write or draw in a book, so it has taken me a long time to dare to paint in my own book!

Nothing spectacular, just a first attempt at watercolour paints ... catkins and rosehips today.
A whole new thing for me, very different to silk painting, easier to get a nice flow.

Fun learning to blend colours.

I quite like the idea that I have left a little bit of my thoughts on the pages of this book!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding
Proverbs 3

This Bible verse was memorised years ago and forgotten, I remembered it today - it is helpful right now.  I think I will write about my stressful stuff when it is over, because then I can look back and laugh!


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! I adore your watercolors. Bravo! Bless you, dear!

  2. Simply beautiful!
    Paints out, chin up, smile on...
    big hugs my friend
    Deb x

  3. What a lovely idea! Your painting is beautiful, very delicate!

  4. Oh you and Pom Pom- it's all very well when you're both so artistic- mine would still look like the primary school doodles that are currently appalling my suns as they discover my old story books!

  5. That`s the spirit, me old hearty, get busy with the paintbrushes! Fantastic for a first attempt at watercolour! I love them. Paint on, Betty. xxx

  6. Aren't we lucky to have our crafting...somewhere to leave our worries behind?...and Betty, you do it beautifully! Love your little paintings. xxxx

  7. Betty - I think you have real talent. these are lovely and what a fab way to destress

  8. thankyou for your comments and encouragement, can't believe I am this old and haven't tried watercolours before - they are so therapeutic... will try and visit all your blogs this week for a proper catch up. Bettyx

  9. As a Recreational Therapist, I definately approve :)

  10. How beautiful, and what a wonderful talent. I'm so glad you chose to share with us on Spiritual Sundays. Love your header picture.

  11. what a wonderful surprise for someone to find

  12. I think this is a great idea the catkins are wonderful, only wish I could paint,,,,Lucey xx


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