Thursday, 25 November 2010

My first proper cake!

It's Mr Yappy Dog's birthday today and I made a coffee/walnut cake - this is a major achievement as my cakes never ever rise - until this one!!!! and it tastes ok as well.

 I just must say some thankyous while I am here too - there have been random acts of kindness

Yesterday I received this wonderful smelling box of delicious dried orange, apple, berries and cinnamon sticks which was sent by Crafty Helen just because she felt like it - such a lovely surprise, it's to decorate the wreath I am making for Christmas. Thankyou so much Helen- I am so pleased with them, xxx

Nana Go Go some time ago sent me a fabulous dress very like the one in Brighton she knows I frequently admire - I didn't take a pic but it is like this in black and orange with a full black net skirt... it didn't fit me - but it did fit my friend's daughter and so has gone to a very happy home where it is loved and wanted. Nana wanted to do a random kindness act and she certainly did - but I think I must say a proper thankyou to you Nana. xxx

Off to work again and a round robin to drop some goodies for the collection I am doing for our soldiers in Afghanistan, I now have several boxes and carrier bags of toiletries and sweets/chocs to go in shoeboxes for going out to Afghanistan for Christmas and am taking them to our local co-ordinator.  There will be a lot more on Sunday so it's busy busy.

Will catch up at the weekend. xxx


  1. Happy Birthday to Mr Yappy, I'm sure he will enjoy the cake !

  2. Wow - that cake looks amazing. You are most welcome, I look forward to seeing what you make.xx

  3. happy Birthday mr Yappy. I havent found time this week to sort out my decoration, been supernising some building works at my mummys

  4. Love seeing my name in print!Thanks Betty - so glad that dress found a special home to go to.
    That cake had me drooling, it looked so delicious, especially for a first effort!Well done you and lucky Mr Yappy Dog!x

  5. that is a gorgeous dress.I absolutely love it. How lovely that you have had such things happen or sent to you. I m sending heartfelt thank for always popping by my blog and leaving lovely comments. The cake looks good too.

  6. Clapping for you - the cake is gorgeous! It LOOKS delicious!


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