Monday, 1 November 2010

Christmas Decoration Swap

Oops, am I being a bad Swap Hostess?  Hope everyone has got to know their partners?

I am thinking about my swap now and had just got my own Christmas bits and pieces out for some inspiration and thought you might like to see these whilst they are out

These sacks are now 16 and 12 years old and have hung together remarkably well.  They hang on peasticks during December and are filled with parcels on Christmas Eve every year.

Anyway on with the swap.


  1. oh wow how wonderful!!! real looking through the decorations and bits and bobs from years gone mum has some wonderful things we made for the tree ;0)

  2. Hi Betty - I started to gather my thoughts and even started a couple over half term. At the moment I am cursing myself for signing up to it but know in the end I will be pleased with the result. Just hope my swap partner will be too


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