Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween at Touchwood

Yes, Touchwood, it's the name of my house as it touches the woods of course.  Anyway, now you're here please come inside

I have lit the way with pumpkin carvings for you ...hubby and I have been busy carving pumpkins....

Get a cosy seat...

take a plate .....

Oh these need washing up, try another...

Blood and gut cakes?

My goodness what old lady hands I have, note to self to give them more care...

We have been decorating with pretties from the woods

do you like my cat pumpkin carving? shes very 'familiar' ... Amber modelled for this one.

By the way, rules of the house are

1.  Only good is welcome here....

2.  Any children calling here will not be returned ... until the celebrations have finished

3.  Any strange lurkers will be encouraged towards the light - if they have trouble with that we will refer them back to no. 1,

Hope you are all having as much fun as us this weekend. xxx


  1. Good Evening! What a fun post! I love the cat pumpkin carving. It looks like you have a lovely place for Halloween fun by the woods! Happy Halloween! :) Shannon

  2. Cute! So much fun, I think!
    Amber is lovely!

  3. Jeepers - that was fun!Hope I can come back next year!Loved the sky lanterns and great photos too, Betty.
    Amber is one cool cat!

  4. Gosh that does look like a lot of spooky fun.


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