Saturday, 26 June 2010

Lovely Gifts

These beautiful gifts have come from Lou in Australia (

Lou was my Swap for all Seasons partner and had been unable to make anything as she has been very ill and is only just starting to get back to normal.  I had already received my beautiful necklace so certainly did not expect to receive all these really special items as well.  I think I have been far too spoilt, Lou, you have been extremely generous and I love everything.

As well as the beautiful brooch there was a delicate, scented rosebud heart to hang up

A pretty little pill pot of decorated china

Thankyou so very much Lou for your thoughtful, kind gifts, I think you have much more than covered the swap with these lovely things!  I hope you are well soon and will be keeping in touch. xxx


  1. How beautiful! We meet some wonderful people here in blog land don't we? I'm glad you're getting a pampering this week. what fun! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Wow Betty, you must feel very loved this week with all these scrummy gifts!! I agree with Amanda, how lovely are our fellow bloggers and how great we can share our work with one another!! Justine xx

  3. What wonderful things, I adore the rose heart and will be looking into making some, in addition to the button ones I do

  4. Glad you liked them Betty...:) I certainly loved my gifts from you! Just gorgeous! All of your other gifts are so lovely too!
    Love Lou xx


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