Friday, 25 June 2010

Boudoir Swap

Well I know Justine has received this now so it's ok to show and tell. Mine is on the way so that will be a post for another day .... I have really enjoyed making this for Justine (( who is currently making bridesmaid dresses and her own wedding dress but still had time for a swap with me!

I am really at a basic level with sewing so have made a very simple pyjama case that folds over at the top with two ribbon ties.  I chose this Amy Butler fabric from the Love range as I know Justine likes the range.

the lining is a deep purply blue.

Also I copied a flower from the fabric design on silk to make a little lavender bag,

(it was the best of three flowers as I don't always get it right first time!)

This weekend I am off to a  Summer fair, a family picnic in the woods and a bbq.
Have a great weekend everyone. xxx


  1. My word, Betty! For a woman who says she is a beginner at sewing, that is one gorgeous jammie case. The hand painted silk is exquisite! You did beautifully. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. That pj case is a stunner - well done Betty - it looks just perfect and I absolutely love the fabric and colours. The lavender bag complements it perfectly. These are real keepsakes that you`re making for other people. Beautifully done,again!

  3. Wow again you silks are just amazing. You are such a talented lady

  4. Thanks - really kind comments, I think when you are doing something for somebody else you enjoy it more and take more care - I am learning as I go and find the swaps are a real inspiration to try something new.

  5. Hi Betty! Very pretty! Perfect. You don't seem like a beginner. You are a natural!

  6. If that's basic level look out when you're experienced is all I can say! xx

  7. I can honestly say Betty's work is fab! I am so pleased with what she sent me I can't begin to tell you. The PJ case is divine and finished to a really high standard - I sure hope my gifts in return live up to there expectations!! Thank you so so much once again Betty - and yes we will def. meet up in Florida!! I'll be a Mrs. by then wow!! Justine

  8. Very pretty pj case and the lavender bag is gorgeous :)


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