Sunday, 27 June 2010

Boudoir Swap Part 2

This weekend I have been thoroughly spoilt having received all the wonderful gifts from Lou in my earlier post and then .............

I received the most lovely gifts from Justine at in our Boudoir Swap.This is my new PJ case, it has my name on and the most lovely fabrics which I really love - it is very much my style and colours.

Also these beautiful vintage CK fabric lavender bags - they smell wonderful. This has been such a lovely swap.  Thank you so very much Justine, the gifts are beautifully made, with such lovely materials they will be treasured. 

By the way, I should have mentioned that the beautiful gifts I received from Lou in my earlier post were from, who specialises in one off vintage finds and handmades - very individual gifts.


  1. hello. Lucky you,they are very nice.
    So when than we get together for that cupa???
    I am at home now soo can do it any time : ) You can email me

  2. ooh they are lovely. I love lavender bags, always make my undies drawer smell divine.

  3. Hi Betty!
    So glad you liked your goodies!

    Happy to help a fellow blogger....
    Karen x x x

  4. So rosy and lovely, Betty! How do you manage to keep up with the swaps? You're amazing! Happy Monday, friend!

  5. I am going to spend some time on my Pay It Forwards now and slow down a bit - leave a few swaps for everyone else! I am all swapped out and have had some fabulous gifts and really generous partners.

  6. Hi Betty...just wanted to wish you a happy week, and to thank you for your
    thoughtful comments...wish I lived a bit closer so I could join you for a cuppa - xxx


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