Sunday, 4 April 2010


I completed my first sewing machine project.  This little apron came out well I think.
I didn't have enough length to make the belt in one piece so improvised with the offcuts by doing acentrepiece and two ties each side) I lined it with cotton and am pleased with the fresh look .

After church yesterday my leg had become so painful I went and had an x-ray - it is infected not broken and I have antibiotics and have to keep it up to reduce swelling.

  It's times like these that you take a little look around and ask yourself ...'do I really need to be doing that?... 'can that wait'... hubby does loads of the cooking and most of the shopping so I am a bit spoilt already, but I will delegate to the boys a little and it will be good for them to do things for themselves, I am always rushing to do things first so they don't make a mess!  Got to stop that!

So a relaxing day reading crafting books, potting up my sweet peas and catching up on your blogs.  Enjoy the day we are in. xxx


  1. Very swish indeed, I patch the straps anyway!

    I do hope the leg gets better soon

  2. Well done on the apron, what gorgeous material. Rest that leg well.

  3. Ohh, your apron looks lovely.
    Really pretty colours, well done.
    Hope your leg gets better soon.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. Aww Sounds like you have a lovely Hubby, helping you cook and doing the shopping for you.
    Hope your feeling better soon.
    Great apron by the way.. Em x

  5. Your apron is beautiful! Bravo!


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