Monday, 29 March 2010

Painting the Woods

I hoped to see more flowers on yesterday's woodland walk, violets in particular, but have had to use my imagination and do myself a silk painting:

Violets, bluebells and celandines.

This one is a bit too big to fit so will have to show you snippets ...

In my childhood we celebrated the Spring Equinox which my pagan mother observed.  We always had violets in small bunches in a glass bowl. We also would have branches on the mantlepiece with their leaves and buds in all their natural beauty.  We might make some tissue paper flowers to go on small twigs in a vase.  We had coloured eggs which my mother dyed pink and blue with waxed patterns on for us.  I can't remember having the kind of eggs you see packaged now but we had beautiful pastel coloured sugar mice with string tails which I still love.

I still observe this time of year by decorating for Easter with similar things to my childhood traditions as both events are close together, but Easter for us will be primarily the celebration of Christ rising into heaven for our salvation.


  1. Hello, friend. I remember my mother sewing Easter dresses, hunting in the woods for pussy willows and forsythia, and fighting the pressure to provide Easter baskets. All the kids at school would tell of the Easter egg hunts at the park and I felt sad that I was not allowed to join the fun. I'm not sad now. Smile. Your silk paintings are wonderful. You must be a fairy.

  2. Well when I was little I was nicknamed fairy Ann so maybe I am!

  3. beautiful once again. But Mrs Yappy dear, can i ask a favour? Is there anyway you can stop the music from starting automatically when i come visit?

  4. Your childhood celebrations sound lovely. Another gorgeous painting. I'll give you the requested close-up soon.

  5. Oh I don't think you have to have the music on At the bottom of this blog page on the RHS is a music player which you can control as a viewer by using the volume I think ... hope that helps.

  6. I've seen your name around lots lately so thought I should pop on over and say hello. I'll enjoy looking through your blog later in the day when I get some spare time. Happy Easter to you.


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