Sunday, 5 May 2019

Preloved finds

I have found a few pretty things for my holidays.

My kaftan is from Hot Lava, it's a label I have bought before but expensive new.    I love it's  pretty flower print, semi transparent lightweight cotton and sparkly neckline, brand new with tags and mine for under a fiver.

My favourite things are from East and their Anokhi range.  Sadly they ceased trading.  My maxi skirt is lightweight Indian cotton  and in mint as new condition for under a fiver.   I recall admiring the same skirt  many years ago forlornly as it was beyond my budget.  All good things come to he who waits.  I will wear it on our forthcoming weekend in Istanbul, with denim jacket and leather cloggs.

I am finding lately there is a lot more pleasure to be found in preloved than new.  Less likely that someone else will be wearing your outfit, environmentally friendly to recycle and a lot less cost involved.


  1. The skirt is beautiful. How lucky to find it again after admiring it some time ago.

    1. THankyou, Jan - I can't find a link for your blog - if you have one do leave it in a comment as I love to visit other bloggers.

  2. Nice finds! Perfect for going on holiday.

  3. A great way to buy! I love all your "new" things!

  4. Your skirt reminds me of the '70's when we all used to float about in our maxi-skirts and platform heels, looking young and gorgeous! You have excellent taste Betty and recycling is definitely the way to go. We have a couple of Zero Waste initiative shops up here which rescue clothes from landfill and the amount of stuff that people are chucking away is mind-boggling and heartbreaking at the same time. Primark and those other low-end sweatshop factories have a lot to answer for. Keep up the good work.x

  5. I am always buying second hand items at a place near me called Red, White and Blue Thrift and get some great finds!

  6. Love your new clothes Betty. Especially love the floral fabric of your kaftan. I agree that you have to wait for things at times & they do eventually come. Have a great weekend away Betty xx

  7. What gorgeous finds, such lovely things. Good things really do come to those that wait, that beautiful skirt being a case in point. Secondhand shopping rocks! xxx

  8. Both lovely additions to your wardrobe! I especially like your skirt. Isn't it lovely when you discover something you wanted but couldn't afford? I saw a skirt in next that I really liked but at the time couldn't justify the £35 pricetag, lo and behold a year later I got it for a few quid in a charity shop, I wore it so much that I wore away the bottom hem (it's still waiting to be mended!)! I couldn't agree more about pre-loved clothing, I do have the occasional new purchase but pre-loved will always be my first port of call.
    Have fun in Istanbul!

  9. I LOVE the skirt!! The colours are so cheerful. I agree, I love pre-owned items and I love that you call them "pre-loved"!! I have resolved to try not to buy anything new every again, well besides undies and socks! :)


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