Friday, 1 February 2019

We have cake, victoria sponge, I made two.  Get yourself some tea and come and join me at the kitchen table.

I'm having a nice day at home experimenting with new silk paints that I have had for months but just  no spare time.   Some of the outliners dont stay well so need further experimenting,  but the inks are vibrant and the silver lumiere is striking.  Next thing is to make a mood board and find inspiration.  Think nature is the best place to look but its too cold to go out today.  The UK is experiencing some minus degrees and snow.  I hope you are all ok in other parts of the world? USA and Canada? thinking of you in those extreme weather conditions.


 it felt like a pink and green day today, i am wearing those colours as well as painting with them!  Do you live your day by colour?!

I forgot I had this scarf, it was an ebay win a few years ago for four pounds, labelled John Hanley of Ireland. Jumper is new, purchased with loyalty vouchers, along with my denim leggings I am very snug to brave the arctic freeze.   The only thing missing is snow; some parts of the UK have more than they want, whereas I have a light sprinkling and hope for more.

As you can see there was a lot of colour around here today, including my lunch (avocado feta salad with a fruit I wanted to try ... tamarillo, it was delicious, something like mango perhaps).

My library books this week are:

Holloway took about two minutes, it's  about hollow ways... paths through dense tree covered secret places, just my thing.  But the book doesn't really help you find any of these places very easily so I will keep an eye out for one of my own.  The other two books are full of interesting little facts to dip in and out of, ideal for my short attention span.

Hope you're  warm and safe, have plenty of tea and good books,  back soon.....


  1. Love how your pic with the scarf echoes the colours in your paintings which are awesome!!!The silver really pops.I'm scared to look out the window because somebody on FB said it's snowing out our way! It's such a nuisance to drive in for an old gal like me! Have a great weekend, Betty. Will catch up over the

  2. Nice to see you experimenting with new paints. And the Victoria Sponge makes me want to make one, just like on Great British Baking Show. All the tv shows out of the UK feature Victoria sponges at their fetes (or am I referring to Midsomer Murders too much?).

  3. Lots of wonderful colour! I find myself drawn to bight colours at this time of year, things can feel very grey otherwise.
    Your silk painting is lovely, I tried batik painting when I was at college and really enjoyed it, the colours you can achieve are like little jewels. I wonder if I still have the pieces I made…?
    We’ve only had a little snow in Suffolk, it’s very cold but I don’t think we’re going to get much.
    I’ve never heard of hallow ways before, I’m intrigued.

  4. If only there was some way to send you a few feet of our snow. I love your colourful life. One of these days I'm going to get paints again....I am starting to feel the need.

  5. Yes please Betty, I would love a slice of your sponge cake ... how delightful it looks. Love your scarf & your paintings, always love your work!

  6. That looks a well made cake!

  7. Oh what an inviting cake you made dear Betty!

    It watered my mouth lol

    You are such a charming lady with sweet smile!!!

    I found your photo so precious, Thank you for sharing my friend

    How wonderful yo5 have learnt to play with colours in slightly different way!

    I think your being so humble as I find these paintings so beautifull , appealing and very charming :)

    It is difficult to find which is more colourful your colour box or food plate :)

    Books sound interesting and perfect for people with less time to read just like me :(

    Stay blessed and warm with book and coffee in hand dear Betty!

  8. Don't you look lovely in your green and pink (the colours of India!)
    I'm loving your silk painting.
    When we were away we went to a European fusion restaurant (most unlike us, we rarely eat anything that isn't Indian) had mashed avocado and feta cheese on homebaked wholemeal bread with pomegrate seed - delicious! xxx

  9. What beautiful stitchings, and thank you for the slice of cake! x


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