Thursday, 7 December 2017


Just a quick hello from me as I have been reading all your blogs but not had much time to comment or do a post myself.  December is such a busy month for us all.   Hubby has gone off to find a Christmas tree (there is an elderly man near us who digs rooted trees on his own land at a good price so we are going for one of his as we can plant it afterwards.

I just wanted to show you my lovely cup and saucer from fellow blogger Bristow Mum who had the idea of sending spare cups from her set to her pen pals so we can all sort of have tea together, it's such a friendly idea and I have my morning tea in it often.

The book was really good by the way; a bookseller opens a shop on a barge to fulfill her ambition to travel the UK canals by boat, she advertised herself on local media and people came to support her along the journey by buying the books, sometimes she traded with things like a haircut or a cooked dinner, it was fun to read.

This week I am reading Susan Branch 'Martha's Vineyard' for the second time.  I like reading her descriptions of the little cottage she bought and how she made it homely, the interesting things she found in the attic belonging to the previous owner and her walks through the woods to the beach.

The UK is expecting a storm so I won't be in the woods for a while, but am keen to get out and pick holly and ivy to decorate the front door.  I like to hang it on 21 December (a tradition as my mother observed Yule), there is plenty of time yet.  I showed my neighbour how to make a twine circular base a few weeks back and we put aside to dry,   we will be foraging for decorative bits and pieces to finish off.  Last year I didn't do a circle for my own door, but this swag.

 When we took our Christmas decorations out this weekend we found quite a few had broken so I have been looking out for replacements.  I prefer old and pre-loved things where possible and was lucky to find this boxed set of baubles in a charity shop for £1.50.

 The label, Winfield, is the old brand name Woolworth's sold their goods under.  Similar ones sell well as 'Vintage Baubles'  on EBay but I am keeping mine.  Woolworth's ceased trading in the UK in 2009.  It became such a household name, everyone called the stores Woollies and during my 60s childhood no Saturday was complete without a trip to the shop for sweets, to look at toys or to buy household goods - you always went there first as it was affordable.

My post is a bit disjointed and rushed, sorry, we have a couple of days away now so am busy packing and preparing.  Back soon. 


  1. What a nice idea to send teacups!

  2. A lovely post full of holly and memories and good reads. It is that time of year for memories isn't it?

  3. I have my 2 fake trees up and slowly doing other decorating as having a ladies party Dec 16th. Gotta look festive!

  4. That's a really swet idea with the teacup.
    My friend Lynn at One I Made Earlier read that book and spoke highly of it. We drove past it when we were coming back from The End of The Road festival in September.
    Have a lovely weekend away! x

  5. I love those old ornaments! And I must read that bookshop book! Enjoy your decorating! :)

  6. Oh yes, Woolies, was it 'Miner' s' make up they sold there'?The big shop in Edinburgh is now an Apple store but I swear you can still smell the hamburgers and onions wafting from the second floor where the restaurant used to be! Enjoy Amsterdam!x

  7. Both books sounds really good, is the barge one a true story? What a lovely way to live if it is!
    Your baubles are a good find, I loved Woollies!

  8. ...gosh that took me back Winfield and Woolworths!

    All the best Jan


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