Monday, 2 October 2017


It's important to remember we all have magic inside us
JK Rowling
I have read every Harry Potter book and seen every film
her stories fire the imagination
I decided to watch the films again throughout October

Hello folks, I am going to bombard you with Autumnal colour today.  In the woods and in our little garden we had some fabulous fallen leaves, too good to leave on the ground, they had to come home.  I could have taken sacks full, there were so many to choose from.  In the house we have brought out our green and red throws, our green squashy cushions and our homely lamps for darker evenings.

Isn't this lovely, a little peak into the field on our walk, Sunday.

We have had this pretty glass bowl a long time, we bought it in France, I like it full of bright green prickly chestnuts - must go and find some :).....

We brought out our gingerbread man mugs and teapot and my little wooden 
toadstools that I was gifted some years ago but treasure (thank you) ...

Remember that swap? a loooong time ago, hosted by Floss over in France, all about appreciating the things we already had around us ... I think that's what's going on here,a bit of gratitude.

Here's my little leaf brooch, beautifully hand dyed and stitched, I was a lucky winner of a blog giveaway.  Still treasure it.....

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"
L M Montgomery
(Author of Anne of Green Gables, who probably almost invented Thankfulness!)

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself
than be crowded on a velvet cushion"
Henry David Thoreaux
(philosopher, environmentalist and woodland dweller)

By the way, Pompom has started a nature journal and some other bloggers  have joined in, you might enjoy a visit.  I am joining  in, each Season I will do some painting... this is my little something for October, still adding to it as October has only just begun (in fact,I would like it to last much longer than a month) ....

I do like natural things, a tree made from real wood, what else?

 Whatever it is that stirs your soul, listen to that. Everything else is just noise.
 ~Nicole Lyons (poet)

 I do listen to things that stir my soul, don't you? my family, my cat, trees.
These hawthorn bushes needed further investigation, underneath, just out of sight and far too dark to show you, was a small and perfect space for a fairy grotto, or a den, or a fox to make his home... I wanted to be Alice and shrink so I could creep in, I was too big.

The little house below is on one of my regular walks, it's right in the woods, empty, I would quite like to have it.  I would call it Pumpkin Cottage, paint the door orange and fill that garden with vegetables and flowers - I hope someone does some day soon.

P.s. Today I went to the dentist and it struck me that having admired the lovely library I use, I had totally neglected the beauty of the dentists! I'm not kidding - it's really old with original wood beams, writing on the ceiling with numbers (that was how they put places together in the old days each piece cut by hand and numbered to help put it together), Number 13 was written on the post next to my seat in the waiting room and I thought, how very Halloween!  I am not superstitious, but my mother was, I feel another post coming on!......

original Tudor houses, history of town is here:

It has the most delightful name too - Slipshoe Surgery .. you just image someone rushing out of there so fast their shoe slipped off!  Here's a picture displayed in the waiting room of what it was like 'in the old days'

and my seat in the waiting room with all that lovely wood and some old church pews to sit on:

I will leave you with one of my old silk paintings, I know it's years old, in a drawer somewhere languishing, but despite the ill treatment, it's my favourite.....

Footnote, I mention who the authors I quote are because before I use a quote I think I had better check that they are good people, then I get distracted and read more about them, before I know it time has slipped away! but I have learned something new so it wasn't wasted methinks.


  1. Good memories here Betty. The swap, the toadstool, your paintings and what about your Dentist's Surgery??Would certainly put me at my ease if it were my dentist!I love your little vignette on the table. Where did you get that fab silver pumpkin?Loving all the quotes too and you ladies who journal are terrifically talented with your writing and drawing all together. I have journal envy. I can't even draw a tree! Have a great week, Betty. I shall write soon. xxx

    1. but you could knit a tree - or just about anything! your knitting is the best.

  2. Hi Betty! Your silk paintings are always a delight to see. I do love your nature-y paintings, too. You live in a very charming place. Your walks are lovely. Now that it's October I think the leaves here will begin to change. I might paint tomorrow. Today was full of finishing my Bible study, writing thank you notes and cards, and babysitting James and Noah because Christie had to go to the dentist. I bought a pretty card for you months ago and now that my correspondence isn't so far behind, I shall write you a letter. I shall write Nana Go-Go, too. Sending October glow your way. Thank you for your dear friendship.

    1. oh yes, letters are so much fun. October glow to you too!

  3. I've decided it is impossible to 'waste' time. Whatever you 'spent' it doing, it was totally worth it. And that guilt you feel after using your time..not worth the paper it is printed on. Love your fall favourite time of year.

  4. Everything looks wonderful in your world Betty - yes I do love the colours of autumn. I think I have seen your gingerbread mugs before & loved them. Have a great week Betty ... such a pretty area you live in.

  5. Lovely! Ah, the peace and beauty of nature!

  6. That's got to be the prettiest dental surgery in the UK!
    Love your art, the turned wooden toadstool and that lovely brooch but most of all I can feel your joy creating this post, just lovely! xxx

    1. ha ha you're right, I did really enjoy taking the pictures and writing about the Autumn, I can't get enough of it!

  7. Sounds like you're getting all ready to snuggle in and enjoy the colder weather! I love the little gingerbread man mugs and the chestnut bowl! Some of your pictures didn't load for me, but I sure enjoyed most of them! :) Happy autumn!

  8. Happy October dear Fairy!!!

    you live in such gorgeous area and i ma sure October brings around you lots of enchantment through it's magical colors!

    LOVED the each bit you shared my friend!

    beautiful autumn leaves and how stunning that silvery plate is ,so unique and pretty!

    wooden tree and awesome bowl are so lovely!

    wonderful building with wooden beam ,nicely captured!

    I used to watch "Ann of green gabbles' when on was teenage and it still exist in some most beautiful memories!

    Gratitude is soul therapy!

    Nature is best friend and healer ,staying close to it is Blessing! and you are truly BLESSED my friend!

  9. i LOVED you old painting dear and that giveaway stitched leaf is also beautiful

  10. I like that The little house that you come across on your regular walk.

  11. I just adore the colours of Autumn, it is such a glorious season.
    Your dentists building looks amazing ... mine is so modern!

    Enjoy this wonderful month of October.

    All the best Jan


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