Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Weekend

 So much has been happening in the UK in the last week with terrorist attacks and the election, everyone is worried about how our country will be led and how Brexit will be handled, so a calming walk at  Earlswood Lakes, a short drive from me was welcome.

 We were lucky to see a nest on a fallen tree on the lake, I think this was probably a family of coots as they had very large, distinctive, white feet.  They didn't mind the swans and ducks sharing their tree.

Room for everyone to enjoy the view (of us) ... people can buy bird food for fifty pence at a little shop near here and the second lake further along has pedelo boats for hire,

There are always swans here, in the mornings they hang out in the car park to get snacks from children passing on their way to school.

There is a sun dial here, you stand on the month and your shadow will fall on the hour in the outer circle.

There is a vast area surrounding these lakes for playing golf, a football and cricket pitch and surrounding these are little copses like this one, lots of people were walking dogs and pushing prams. 

The garden is blooming, there are lots of snapdragon, foxglove, roses, 

 honeysuckle and jasmine and the nasturtiums are just about to open their beautiful orange and yellow trumpets.

 The potatos I planted in pots will be ready at the end of the month and our lemon mint smells wonderful in the early morning.  I am waking around 5am lately as it is light so early here and Ambercat likes sitting in the garden with me watching birds and squirrels.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon.



  1. Hi Betty!
    Aw! The coots, ducks and geese are peaceful.
    Lovely post - so full of nature.

  2. Some lovely things to admire here amongst the chaos, Betty! xxx

  3. What a beautiful spot that Lake is Betty. It is wonderful to see the flowers as we are in the depths of winter here. Have a lovely week Betty xx

  4. Lovely to escape and relax and get in touch with the natural world! We do not see swans around here in Oregon but have seen them before. They are so beautiful but can be moody and mean.

  5. I'm eating my way through the crisis!!!It seems to be helping. I'll let you know what my skinny jeans think about it all once I've tried to get them on, probably with the aid of a very big shoe horn!! Great pics and isn't it wonderful to have very long days (sunrise here at around 4am!). Speak soon. xxx


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