Friday, 2 June 2017

Hello, thanks for stopping by.  I have had a lovely week in the Canaries.  It was total relaxation, lying by the pool, dipping in, good food, reading books.  Lanzarote is a volcanic island so the sand and ground is quite black/dark brown, the beach is beautiful, soft sand, rolling waves, clear water. 

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 See, tanned and relaxed!  The dress was a Boden sale bargain at around twenty quid several years ago.  It doesn't crease, is lined and very cool.

This was the first time hubby and I had ventured abroad without our two adult sons and it took me a day or two getting used to this.  It was good for us all as time for them to do their own thing and a new chapter for us.

The Shady Park off London's Soho

Yesterday I went to London's West End.  I worked in London for 16 years (a p.a. in merchant banking) and left when my children came along.  Apart from an annual trip to Hamleys Toy Shop chapperoned by the family and ending in a meal in china town, and despite only being a 40 min train journey from London Victoria, I had not been back.  It has changed a lot.   It was a bit like being an owl in the dark, I knew where I was going and could find my way easily, but with eyes open it all looked different to what I was seeing in my head!

Libery of London

I walked from Marble Arch down Oxford Street looking at shops, had a takeaway sandwich lunch  in Cavendish Square (a lovely little leafy park opposite Harley Street.  Then down the back streets to Liberty - it was wonderful to browse in there, it smells lovely and everything is beautifully displayed (no purchases as not in my price range, I'm afraid).

Liberty, London, main entrance

 Then on to Soho/Berwick Street Market and further down to Tottenham Court Road, into famous Foyles Bookshop

and then across the road to ... The Phoenix Theatre.  This was my mission, a friend at work took me to see The Girls - my first ever (at age 58!) visit to the theatre.  It was wonderful, I loved it.  I think you would too.  A beautiful old theatre with velvet seats, a great stage, fabulous actors, a story that I became immersed in, singing, humour - the show had it all.

Back home in the woods I have been out for walks checking where the elderberry trees are in flower so that I can pick the berries later in the Summer.  Although I could have a go at making sparkling wine now,  I prefer to let the blossoms flourish so the insect world can use them and wait patiently for the rich, juicy berries that follow to make cordial.  I am looking forward to the smell of the berries cooking, later in the Summer.

Our garden is tiny, but crammed with roses, lavender, honeysuckle, jasmine and some new lilac bushes so feels green and lush and is attracting a lot of bees.  We have bees nesting in our garage roof, as they are under the tiles and not coming inside, we are leaving them alone to do what bees do. 

 Oh nearly forgot, I was in Brighton last week, I wore my bikini and paddled, it was a scorching hot day.  I lay on the beach and read my book, browsed the lanes and watched some street musicians.  You can never get bored in Brighton.

 This piano is on the platform of Brighton Railway Station and there is nearly always a passenger playing it, don't you think it's a lovely idea?  Brighton is very arty, having the University there must be hundreds of musical people passing through, so there's always a happy tune as you come off the train.

 This lovely piece of art was nailed to a garage door just off the lanes.  I love seeing art around Brighton in unexpected places.

and humour - political humour included :)

So it has been a busy month for me.  I expect June to be more about walks in the woods and relaxing in the garden!  Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. being You, and Us, is important...not just Mum !

    You've been to some lovely inspirational places....including Liberty!

  2. You've been having wonderful fun, Betty! I loved reading about your London visit. The Girls sounds fantastic. Calendar Girls is one of my favorite movies.
    I'm glad you are back to your woods now.

  3. You do such interesting things, Betty. I'm glad you had a good holiday. I was at my hairdressers last week and she's had a similar holiday. I said to her 'I've never been on a beach holiday, do you just sit on the beach all day and read'? and she said, 'basically, yes'! I would love to do that, just once! Your day away in London looks really great and I'm glad you had such good company. I've no doubt you'll be going to the theatre again soon! Brighton is on my bucket list!I like that 'Make Jam, Not War' quotation though I would be apt to change it to 'Make Marmalade, Not War'!lol Have a great week,Betty and thanks for a great post. xxx

  4. I'm loving the piano idea and the art all over the place! Enjoy the relaxing part of your summer. A walk sounds like a good idea right now!

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous relaxing in your bargain Boden dress! I'm glad you had a lovely holiday.
    Your London trip looks wonderful, we never have time to look at anything other than the venue we're trading in when we're down there. One day i will get inside Liberty! xxx

  6. Somehow I missed this post Betty- I did think of you when you were away & hoped you had a lovely holiday. Looks like amazing weather. I think if I lived close to London I would be tempted to pop there all the time, especially if I got to go to Liberty of London !!! My dream !!


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