Sunday, 4 October 2015


This weekend my oldest boy celebrated his
21st birthday
He doesn't like having his picture taken these days
so I won't embarrass him with anything recent!
There was much merriment.

Just a quick bit about conkers as some bloggers (Rose and Lisa especially) 
haven't any in their corner of the world:

The conker comes from the horse chestnut tree but is not to be confused with edible chestnuts, conkers are most definitely not edible!

Children soak them in vinegar to make them extra hard, pass a string through them, dry them out then have conker fights where you and an opponent hit each others conker until one breaks!  I had conker fights with my brothers and at school in the 60s but the game is discouraged in schools as regulations have changed and there is a (small) risk of hurting each other!

picture: Museum of London
Spiders don't like conkers nearby so they are good to
have around the house.

The skins are a beautiful lime green colour with spikes but they aren't as prickly as the chestnut. 
This is a watercolour I did a long time ago

My book arrived

purchased on Amazon Marketplace

I am sorry not to be positive when so many other bloggers have enjoyed this book ... so far I am disappointed, I am only into the second chapter to be fair but so far she has only talked about the tragedies in her life and how she has felt 'in that moment' - no sign of any grace or gratitude - I am guessing she is setting the scene and that this will change so will read this time I really need a cheery, positive lift and thought this book might aid some positive thinking - not so far.

The other book is fun, when I have read a page I have felt creative -
that in my opinion is a good book, also only paying pennies and postage was pleasing too!

purchased on Amazon marketplace

Back when the books are finished ... have a lovely week 


  1. Betty, I too was disappointed in Ann Voskamp's book. Somehow her website is more interesting than the book.
    Conkers...lovely memories of foraging for them to play with.

  2. Happy Birthday to The Boy. Hope he had a great time. I'm going to look up the 'Yellow' book - it sounds less serious than the other one! No sign of any conkers up here yet. Could do with some to get rid of the Tarantulas that are frequenting the dark corners of my house!!Have a great week too, Betty. xxx

  3. Health and safety gone mad - conkers are such fun.

  4. now i have seen conker! I do not think they grow here in Oregon.

  5. I look forward to reading your thoughts about the books when you are finished Betty. Happy 21`st birthday greetings to your son - they grow up so very fast. I am pleased I now know about conkers - am fairly sure we do not have them over here. Would be great to keep the dreaded spiders away.

  6. Happy Birthday to your big boy. What a little sweetheart he was, love his denim jacket.
    Gorgeous conker picture.
    Gah, I hate those self indulgent books. Eat, Pray,Love was one of the worst I ever read. I just wanted to slap Elizabeth Gilbert and tell her to get a grip. Have you read Wild? I loved it, a woman who went through loss and a decent into drugs and healed herself by walking the PCC. Wonderful stuff. xxx

  7. Happy birthday to the son. You must tell us about the Persistence of Yellow book.

  8. Thanks for the lesson on conkers! :) Wouldn't you know they would outlaw the game! Spoil sports!
    I've found myself not loving a few books lately that others seemed to love. Oh well, we're all different, eh? There are always more in the "to be read" pile. ;)

  9. I am sad that I am in the dark about conkers!
    One Thousand Gifts really isn't that cheery, but her relationship with Jesus is beautiful.

  10. Thank you for more, about Conkers. My husband probably knows what they are, as he knows much more about natural things, than I do. :-)

    I want some around the house, if they deter spiders. It's not that I'm just "afraid" of spiders. A friend was bit by a Brown Recluse Spider, in his house, and had a horrible time of it!!!! I do not want spiders around, after this awful happening.

    Hugs and magic,


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