Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Still Here

Oh look, I'm still here - like a child that hides behind the curtain but you can see her feet sticking out underneath, I never really went, did I!  If you are still reading my ramblings, then thank you....

 Things here seem to be governed by the seasons - Winter frosts, Spring bluebells, Summer blackberry picking, and I like my old blog - it's a sort of visual diary... so let's meet up Seasonally, hope you will join me again.

I have just finished reading Meadowland by John Lewis-Stempel, it is easily the best book I have ever read.   A seasonal diary of life in a small meadow bordered by fields and a stream, the wildlife that lives there and the Seasonal changes, written by the farmer himself.

I have been in the woods - having missed the Summer flowers at their best, I feel annoyed that I let 'important things' get in the way of my walks.  Hubby and I saw a young deer observing us yesterday, she didn't stop long but we got quite close.  Yesterday teenage boy came for a walk with me and we lay on the grass by the stream and enjoyed the sun, ate a picnic and picked blackberries, these are the times that matter, aren't they? definitely.

Sloe berries are abundant and look ready but it must be too early, surely? Do I pick this early and freeze or wait and hope there will be some left after the first frost?   The field  behind our woodland is hanging on to the last Summer flowers: vetch (egg and bacon plant), thistle and deep yellow daisies in abundance.  It really is beautiful to walk across this thick carpet of flowers, lots of butterflies and moths in the grass too.

I am really enjoying Agatha Christies' Partners In Crime;  hubby had copied several episodes and surprised me with them the other night  as he knew how much I would like it - isn't that kind?  Brilliantly funny and the 1950s wardrobe is wonderful (David Walliams, comedian and Jessica Raine of Call the Midwife fame).  Maybe you can see it too via BBC catch up.

Before I go, I wanted to share this beautiful gift I received in the post. 

I entered a 'give away' some time back at Vicki's blog and was one of her lucky winners.  I received this really beautiful journal, with it's pretty cover and clasp, the inner pages have pictures too.     Thank you Vicki for making and sending this really special gift, I couldn't have chosen a better journal for myself!

And thank YOU for stopping by to read this end of Summer post
 - until next time.... the door is still ajar! Betty.



  1. Laying on the grass and relaxing sounds so good to me! I have not been able to get out and about with my camera and enjoy nature since my spring and summer thus far was ruined by sciatic and a kidney stone all starting in May! Worst season ever so far! The last weekend in Aug and first in Sept is the Dahlia Festival and I plan to have one day taking pictures!
    That is a lovely journal!

    1. Hello Rose, I am sorry you have had such a bad year; I hope the festival is going to be really beautiful and look forward to seeing your pictures. My grandmother used to grow dahlias, as a child I found it puzzling that she kept brown paper bags over their heads, but it was to keep the blooms to the perfect moment for displaying at the village flower festival (a very small countryside affair but always very colourful). I was not allowed to pick them but would spend much time in her flower area admiring the thick almost artificial feel of their petals and the smell of their thick green juicy stalks!

  2. Miss you, Betty. I'm glad you are making time to walk in the woods. The book looks very interesting.

    1. I have missed those woods! You would love this book, it's educational.

  3. How lovely to see you pop up on my blog roll Betty, glad to read you are enjoying your walks over the summer. And getting some time to read too :-) That journal you won is just stunning Betty- I won a draw on Vickis blog once, a necklace. Her work is just beautiful x x x

  4. I am a very lucky winner, the book is absolutely beautiful and is itself inspiration to feel creative.

  5. I can't imagine anything nicer than sitting by a stream with a picnic, part of my childhood!
    What a wonderful win, so pretty.

  6. I'm constantly telling people how much I miss them. You're on the list! Great calm read this morning before the mad rush to pick up children (school restarts here today). Speak soon. x ps I love Partners in Crime too, I think they make a very good pair together.

  7. Betty, how nice that you won Vicki's beautiful journal. I think that they are lovely but did not enter the give away because I wanted someone who really would use it and I can't think of a better person than you to have it. I have several journals still going unused these days as I seem to be too busy.

    Summer is winding down and it's been so hot and muggy here this week.

    Meadowland sounds like a great book.
    Have a nice day.

  8. Yay! Lovely to see you pop up in my reader! I wish you could have joined us as we strolled the riverbank last weekend, neither of us have a clue about the pretty flowers and bird sounds we encountered along the way,. we needed an expert like you!
    Your gift is gorgeous!
    Yesterday morning was glorious and today I went car booting in a strappy maxi and sandals, its hot and sunny, just how I like it! xxx

  9. Vicky's gift is lovely! Glad you keep the door ajar. :) I have recorded Partners in Crime for a later date to enjoy. I am a big Agatha Christie fan.

  10. Looks like a beautiful journal. You will enjoy that. Maybe even put a wildflower pressed amongst its pages? Glad your summer is lovely, and know I am taking virtual walks with you!

  11. I love that you're taking the time to walk in the woods and enjoy the end of summer. I must check out that book! Happy end of summer!


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