Monday, 13 April 2015

I think watching Indian Summers on tv must have inspired me as my doodling on silk seems to have gone all ethnic! This kind of painting is very easy and would be fun with children joining in.  Once you have drawn your shapes you get all the fun of colouring in!

In my last post I mentioned decluttering - here's the link to a blog which I really like on this theme:

It is very therapeutic to give away (to a good home/charity) items/clothes you don't need and the space gained is wonderful.  Here's a link for a minimalist website that features real people and their success at letting go of  'stuff'.

It seems possessions can have a huge hold on peoples emotions - I found it difficult to part with some things simply because they had been given to me, but if something makes us feel negative or guilty then I think that's all the more reason to say goodbye to whatever 'it' is.  People and memories are more important than objects.  I do allow myself a small hoard of two boxes containing all the pictures/paintings and school reports/badges and swimming certificates etc. of my two boys - those two boxes aren't in the 'stuff' category - they are treasure and make me feel happy when I take them out and have a look!  How do you feel about getting rid of that awful cushion your friend gave you or that ugly lamp your mother in law passed on to you?!! 


  1. We have been watching it too and very good it is. We always give to our local hospice shop which makes us feel better about letting stuff go. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I found moving house last year was a wonderful boot up the proverbial to get rid of "stuff". Moving mum and dad from a house into an apartment a month before we moved made me determined to get rid of anything that would simply become the boys' decision in thirty (?) years time. We definitely have too much stuff around us in this first world life of ours. I'm still working on boxes- but much more slowly!

  3. Hi Betty! I think now we can take a photo of our giveaway stuff, so we can remember but not insist on keeping. Our kids have their own junk and they really are not sentimental about their remaining "shtuff" that is housed in our basement. I must be ruthless!
    I love your paisley painting!

  4. I agree with you that we should keep only the things we love or are happy about owning. I am getting better about letting things go, and need to let an awful lot go, but need some motivation to get started on it. I think that's the hardest thing for me. Happy Decluttering, dear Betty!

  5. I'm such a ditz! I had meant to also tell you that your ethnic painting was lovely! I bet it's very therapeutic.

  6. After my husband died I did a lot of decluttering. I was too weighed down with things. It was a bit of a release for me.

  7. I'm loving Indian Summers., even though it is filmed in Malaysia. So many twists and turns to the plot and every single character is flawed in some way. I'll be sad when it finishes next week.
    Your art is gorgeous, I'd wear fabric like that in a flash! x

  8. Sweet Betty-- oh my, the fabric is just gorgeous-- you've created some lovely designs!!!!

    Oh how I want to declutter-- I'm trying-- worked for a week in my attic-- made about 8 trips to the thrift store to take my donations. It's a good feeling to get rid of stuff!


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