Sunday, 25 January 2015


It is frosty this morning.  I ventured out early to refill the bird feeders and settled down with binoculars to count birdy visitors for the UK Birdwatch survey (noting how many birds visit in an hour and passing the count to the RSPB for their survey).  I only saw about 12 birds over the hour - all great tits and quite likely the same three birds coming back and forth!  maybe living in the woods means they aren't that dependent on my bird feeder and have their own resources.... which is good I suppose.

As a closure on my holiday, I finished a little water colour of the enormous serpentine style pool at the hotel I visited in December.  It was so lovely gliding round in the cool water, happy memories. Sorry about the black/grey blobs on camera lens (shall I not mention this again perhaps? they will always be there - I am not getting a new camera any time soon, so may as well get used to them). My grandfather always said 'paint what you see and not what you want to see' he used to get very cross with my imaginings (he was an architect, designing buildings, so had to be realistic) - but I cheated - where I put sand it was actually a concrete walk area - but sand looks so much better!

The library trip was good this week -we found Middle Eastern cookery books - It is smelling wonderful here today as teenage boy cooked Lebanese kebabs and potatoes for his GCSE practice run - the good news is he will be practicing this every weekend so that's one day I don't need to cook and one day the house will smell wonderful - the food tastes amazing and justified a trip to our favourite Hallam supermarket to buy fresh coriander, ginger and garlic etc.  It's a funny old place, we bought ginormous flat breads to freeze and loads of spices, garam masala, corriander, cumin.  They had these huge bunches of what looked like dried sticks - the kind people stick in a vase - I asked what they were for - on closer inspection it became clear - they were broom heads = like witches brooms - delightful! how very suitable for my wood floor!

 Today I did a water colour, narcissus, it satisfied my urgent need for colour.  I long for colour,  splashes of orange and yellow.... do you have that feeling? the conservatory is freezing cold and I would like to spend more time out there amongst  my lemon and orange bushes - they are thriving, they flower when it's cold.

I found bulbs in the market - am hopeful they will bloom - they were forced so need some kindness and a slow place to bring to bloom in their own time - they are tete a tete and snowdrops...  there are some things sprouting in the garden too.  I will venture into the woods next weekend....

How was your weekend?


  1. Nothing nicer than a meal cooked by someone else and bonus for you as you get fed by teenage boy. Love the water colour. Have a serene and easy Sunday
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hello Betty - how wonderful that teenage son loves to cook. Oh I do envy you - would be wonderful to have someone in the house that enjoys cooking ... I would happily eat any meal prepared for me. Your watercolours are beautiful as usual Betty. Hope you get some colour in your world soon Betty - turning crisp brown & wilting over here.

  3. I am going to have to start a new garden in this home I moved into Dec 1st.I will also be eager to see bulbs planted and then sprouting! Spring! Today here was mostly gray foggy for 3/4 of the day. I am so looking forward to blooms, birds and wonderful scents!

  4. Your painting is a nice reminder of your holiday. I have a plug-in electric radiator in my conservatory, perhaps you can get one for yours if you have no other heating out there.

    1. I do have one of those - thanks! maybe I should get a bigger one

  5. Hi Betty - thanks for stopping by my blog. Your water colours are beautiful and so cheery, a perfect pick me up! Especially love the Narcissus, so pretty! x

  6. Always a joy to visit your blog Betty! Your paintings are delightful - good for you for following your heart and NOT your grandpa's admonishments! Oh, I hope you will share pics of your forced tete-a-tete and snowdrops, two of my very faves.

  7. Good to know that RSPB is taking a survey.
    Love that simple water colour painting.

  8. I love your new paintings. They're bright and cheery. Been eating well here too but back to the saltmines now. Will write soon. Have a great weekend, Betty. x

  9. Thanks for your visit to my blog and your lovely comments.Hopefully spring will be here soon!
    Have a good week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  10. Your narcissus remind me very much of some we saw on our neighborhood walk just this morning. I love your style, and listening to your birds when come here....


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