Sunday, 13 July 2014

A new place for walks - quite a bit of land in this area is maintained by the British Airport Authority and this is one of them - you wouldn't know it apart from the helpful signs telling you what is living in the habitat - in this place we have damselfly, toads and newts amongst other - it is a delightful place for a picnic and has been provided with platforms that you could lie down on and observe the wild things at eye level (not sure if that's the intention but that's what I do) and seating - the only requirement is some insect repellant roll on!  It's part of a large wildlife area and also attracts butterflies so I will be back next month to see if I can get some pictures of them.

Have you noticed that there aren't as many insects around this year? especially bees seem to be missing...

plenty of these though - in a library book I read that bicarbonate of soda deters slugs and snails so I tried it - it really is working in my garden.  I don't think it kills them - just makes them go away - you can buy it in big boxes from my hardware shop so don't have to use the more expensive cooking quality stuff.  (**Don't confuse this with soda crystals though - they could be harmful to you and your garden.**)

 I had a little warm up on silk painting at the weekend but won't show you as the colours are those I am using for my swap.... I like to dabble and experiment before I settle down to 'the real thing' though. 

These were fun to make - would be even more fun to make with young children - ever made them? pine cone flowers - a bit messy. I was trying out some ideas for an Autumn wreath.

Those of you joining in the From My Home To Yours Swap - how you doing?   Have you got your theme underway? I have been looking through Country Living magazines for colour combinations to inspire me. I always start with the colours when I make something for a swap, and everything sort of grows around that.   Don't forget, it's a slow swap - no hurry, late August postings - you should check with your parrtners before posting to avoid any mishaps if someone is on holiday for example.

 Over the next couple of months I wanted to stretch my holiday entitlement as much as possible  so have arranged odd days off from work and planned days out to nice places with teenage boy... so will tell you all about them as and when they happen.

Thank you VERY much to everyone who left comments on my last post about teenage boys table - I am very proud of him.  After one more year at school, he plans to learn carpentry at college, so hopefully this could be the first of many very beautiful things!


  1. Your first phoot, the one of the Foxglove, attracted my attention. Just today I was browsing at the local plant shop and I saw a most gorgeous new kind of Foxglove ( at least I had never seen one like it before). It's called "Illumination Pink". Isn't that a lovely name? For a lovely plant. Unfortunately not hardy here so it would be grown as an annual. I'll have to wait until it isn't quite so new and expensive. Must try that trick for snails. I have lots of them!

    1. Foxgloves grow in the woods here and are my favourite wild flower - you can buy the seeds here but I think they take years to grow! in the UK you can't dig up wildflowers (!) as they protected, otherwise my garden would be full of them - but then they do look their very best in their natural setting - there's nothing so lovely as catching a glimpse of that pink hidden in the foliage and knowing what you are about to see!

  2. Lovely summery photos Betty ... I have never tried making those pinecone flowers but they look fascinating & I think they would be perfect on a wreath. Yes my swap partner & I are all set to go .... its great thats theres no pressure on timewise - I am enjoying that aspect of the swap :-)

  3. yes Julie, think they will work nicely on a wreath, there are plenty of them for the taking right behind my fence too!

  4. Your work in process looks utterly magical! x

  5. Looking forward to your next silk painting!

  6. Very slowly with the swap, but have made contact with my partner, and we think we know what we are doing! So glad it has a long date.

  7. The table really is gorgeous. I certainly love carpenters, ONE especially.

    Good painting, always!

    I am off to meet Ann from The Garden Spot. We're going to tour the Denver Botanic Gardens. Fun!

    Take care, smart Betty. I think your mother/son mini-holidays are a brilliant idea!

  8. Ooh, tres excited about the swap Betty! I've got a couple of busy weeks ahead, then i'm going to really 'set to' ... got a few ideas up my sleeve though xxx


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