Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rambling Post

This morning was a sort of frugal spa session:  Bleary eyed, I met my friend at the gym at 7.30am.  She brought some Deep Sea Minerals scrub to share so we sat in the steam room and indulged, sipping water and then finished off with some fresh pineapple I had brought along. (my friend is Bhuddist and very good at promoting 'my body is my temple' philosophy - I am trying to hang on to that thought).  I finished with a swim and sauna; this has been a very luxurious morning.

Found a pretty sarong in Oxfam for £2 (washed and will look even better ironed!)  which meets my target of only buying second hand beachwear for my holiday later this year - I am keen to take lots of pretty sarongs for minimal outlay.

Hard to believe we have Summer Solstice this weekend, it doesn't feel that warm here in the UK and I have kept most of my bedding plants (bizzy lizzy and geranium, nasturtium and my chilli peppers) in the conservatory as they weren't flowering- they are now!  think they might want to stay in there.  It makes a very nice place to sit and makes me feel positively green fingered (which I'm not -a brief encounter with my own allotment settled that notion).

The Swap - partners to be posted here tomorrow......

The swap is looking quite exciting - there are 14 of us - but if someone joins last minute it will still work out as I am happy to do more than one so don't be put off by thinking odds and evens if you want to join.

This is a pond in one of the woods we visit, covered in very pretty green algae - it looks like it might be a great place for dragonfly so we will be checking again soon. I don't know how deep it is and am wondering what would lurk beneath?  When I saw it I fully expected to see green wood nymphs with transparent wings flitting around and was disappointed to be honest - they must have heard me coming.

Elderberries are forming early and there are going to be plenty of them - I noticed the birds are eating them before they are grown let alone ripe, which they don't usually do - an indication that nature is slightly out of time since the unusually heavy rains and flooding early this year.

An unexpected foxglove encounter (my son finds this exasperating as I rush up and gush and fuss over them, photograph them to death and can't bear to move on)  - they are so delicate and beautiful - my woodland walks originated from childhood holidays with granny, who lived on Porlock Hill at the edge of Exmoor, we walked through the woods to the sea at Porlock Weir ... I would like to do that again some day - time to update the To Do List.

No idea what this one is, it's growing everywhere this year but I haven't seen it round here before - any idea?

My book this week is a very tatty library book about aromatherapy for animals with Ambercat in mind as she gets a bit of arthritis in the Winter.  The idea is that you let the pet sniff the pot so to speak and he decides if he likes it - could  be an expensive hobby methinks if you have a fussy cat like mine, but very interesting, I would like to thank my blogging buddy Pompomsponderings who suggested Frankincense for Amber and that's what started me reading up on this, research is on-going.  Also I have lost contact details for a lovely blogger who advised me some time ago about massage for stressed animals.   Ambercat likes a bit of massage and so do the men of the house! I have practiced muchly... all we need now is a stressed dog of our own to benefit from my new skills ... the men are not yet agreeing or it would be here already.

Before I go, if you are into vintage fashion show your support for VIX with a visit to her blog - she is a National Vintage Awards finalist and I jolly well hope she wins a big fat award tonight ... she makes her own clothes and sells vintage clobber - not only that she wears it ALL the time.  Her blog is like a giant dressing up box. Since becoming a follower I have embraced 'second hand', started wearing maxi dresses and am now attempting to grow my nails (again) just so I can wear Barry M blue nail varnish like hers...


  1. Yay for Amber's frankincense! I think it will help!
    Your spa day sounds awesome. We are going up to the mineral springs today, so tomorrow we'll be soaking in all that good stuff!
    Your holiday wardrobe is looking beautiful, Betty!

  2. Loved joining in with your ramble. How decadent going sauna and spa-ing in the early morning. I think the parcel I sent to you last Friday must have gone astray. I posted another two at the same time and they got theirs by Monday. I'll look into it tomorrow. x

    1. No your parcel came - it's fabulous, am doing a post about it .... I emailed you so just checking it sent. x

  3. A lovely rambly post today Betty - your plants look most happy in your conservatory. I think that green pond most definately looks a perfect place for little green wood nymphs to flit about. For some reason I was thinking about Ambercat the other day .. I am just off now to read your friends vintage blog. Happy day to you Betty - sun is out over here :-)

  4. hello lovely sarong bargain too win win I say!
    I love your silk painting too you have a lovely gift,
    bestest wishes Daisy j x


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