Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Woods

First step out into the woods since the storms... it was hard to take pictures of anything very pretty as everything is under water or fallen down...

The trees have all grown these mossy leg warmers, a result of the water levels no doubt.

The trees are noisy and alive with birds - busy nesting.. nesting?

yes, very much nesting going on because the UK weather despite the storms and floods is very mild

a lot of leaf growing is going on too

and dogs are having fun with the wind in their hair - that's good,
I wouldn't mind doing some running free myself.

Sadly quite a few trees have fallen - some of them quite old.

We are now battening down the hatches for more floods and storms tonight. 
Hope we all stay safe and dry wherever we may be.


  1. Thanks for sharing your walk in the woods I'm suffering from a big of cabin fever today and am looking forward to getting out very soon even if it is in the school run!

  2. Interesting mossy leg Warner's on those trees. Cannot believe all that green! We are so cold over here.

  3. Hello Betty - I have been hearing on our news of your bad weather over there & hope you are all okay. We are right in the middle of summer here so it is hard to imagine all your rain as I stand watering the garden every night. Take care Betty & hope all is well in your world. Julie x0x

  4. Betty we have the same problem. Our park has turned into The Somme. Trees are down everywhere and on top of that they are cutting down the ones still standing. Makes no sense. Stay dry and out of the wind. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Dear Betty,your background birdsong never fails to surprise me, and then to cheer me up! Have a marvellous Monday, terrible weather forecast, don't venture to the woods today, however tempting they may be ...

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Despite the woods being traumatised by the storms it is still springs back to life, which I find very reassuring. We still have cornflowers in bloom and new rose buds as its that mild, but we might get a cold snap in feb/march like last year.

    Keep safe and warm x

  7. Heartily sick of the wind now - think that's why my hair's getting thin on top - the wind's carrying it off!Must wear my hat more often!Have a great week, Betty.x


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