Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Diary Notes

A frosty morning in my garden, I was up early to heat the conservatory.  Outside white and frosty, inside cosy and warm.  Ambercat for company.  We watched the birds together.

Today is a cooking day, we have two slow cookers now so I can batch cook.  That means lazy evenings in the week with ready prepared dinners!  I would like to make some cornbread, have you made it? was it easy? it has to be easy!  On a holiday in Florida I went to a restuarant where corn bread came with everything, I had hot thick vegetable soup with mine.  I am craving that warm filling kind of food.
I have read half this book in two evenings already, its' a good read - simple and honest, about a homeless man who meets a homeless cat, they go busking together and have adventures around London.  I know London well and visualise the various streets that he visits, Covent Garden and Neal Street in particular where I used to go wandering.  I am reading the book with admiration for this man and his cat.

He sells the Big Issue - which enables the homeless to earn a few honest pounds.  I haven't bought it for years, had got into the habit of walking past the vendors, this book reminded me that the homeless become invisible.  When we were in London at Christmas I went off alone for an early morning walk and got lost; the only person around to ask for directions was a vagrant, he was the friendliest chap and I would have liked to know how he got there, it only takes one wrong turn to end up in that situation.

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  On our evening out we passed a man sleeping in a doorway with a light sensor overhead, he was all tucked up in a sleeping bag reading a book with a pint of milk next to him, an invisible person replicating a few home comforts in a hostile environment? 

 When I was young I had a brief spell with no fixed abode, sleeping on a friends floor, then I got a room in a homeless womens hostel, I was grateful but it was lonely and unfriendly, nobody spoke to one another, no point, just passing through.  /i am reminded of my own brief discomfort.  My employer took me round all the advertised rooms in the Evening Standard newspaper after work until I got one.  A girl decided to share my room and willingly lent me the £40 deposit on trust.  Do you believe angels guide us? I do when things like that happen, I feel looking back help was always near.  .

Well that's enough of my ramblings, are you snug and feeling safe in your home? I am thinking of my blogging friends in the US and the extreme temperatures they have experienced.  Hope you're all safe.


  1. I am so touched by this post, as it really talks about the nature of how we treat each other. For some reason, although I've always had a roof over my head the idea of being homeless and falling through society's cracks scares me to my very soul. So much so that I support a homeless charity Emmaus which also aims to teach job skills to those it houses as its philosophy of 'giving a homeless person a bed and a reason to get out of it' just seems so right.

    I read the book about Bob and their relationship and read some of it through misty eyes as I too have been guilty of looking at someone begging with an animal and not at another human being. Reminded me of a one of those 5min God Spots on the radio I heard when I was young about a guy who had come to the priest broken hearted. He'd gone to Social Services for help but they not only didn't help him, they got his dog taken off of him as he was of no fixed abode and judged not able to care for the dog. Shame on us when we don't get the basics right on humanity.

    There are earth angels who will often surprise us with their kindness and trust and it was lovely to hear your story of just getting the support and chance you needed at the time that you needed it.

  2. Wonderful post, Betty. You're right. It's easy to forget how the homeless suffer so in the cold. I guess more cold weather is coming.
    You're smart to cook ahead. I bet your kitchen smells divine.

  3. Safe and warm here, Betty. Thanking you for your concern.

    I have often thought of your post reply when you read about my daughter's estrangement from us. You talked about your difficult years and it was brought back again in reading this post. Yes, I do believe angels are there in our difficult times. In high school, my mother and I lived with her parents. She and I shared a bed. She was so depressed she spent most of her days in that bed sleeping (this was in the period when anti depressants were not available). All to say this probably made me a stronger person.

    Yes, we have cornbread a lot! My favorite kind uses creamed corn and jalapeños. Recipe on its way.

  4. There by the kindness of strangers go us too. Often the best and luckiest things have come from people we barely knew. Life can be funny that way. Now corn bread sounds great and we love the slow cooker too. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Get some big easy on today.

  5. I'm just making a good warming vegetable soup!

  6. Sorry Julia I accidentally deleted your comment: here it is!

    Cornbread and hot soup sound perfect to me.
    Here in Canada, we've been in a deep freeze, and so much inconveniences too. My daughter's flight from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Toronto was cancelled because of the ice storm in Toronto airport and so she missed her connection flight. She had to rebook all her flights and couldn't connect to the Glasgow's flight and had to fly to Gatwick England and then fly to Glasgow. What a travel nightmare. She finally arrived to her home in Glasgow, thank goodness. What a travel nightmare.

    The book sounds interesting. My heart goes out to those homeless people especially when it gets so cold outside. It must be depressing to have no home to call your own for theres street people. There seem to be more and more homeless people as time goes on.

    I still believe in good people who puts human lives before money.
    Have a great week and stay warm.

  7. Hi Betty, no problem, accidents can happen. he,he.

    Regarding your question about my daughter's jewellery, no she doesn't sell any of her jewellery. She just enjoy making them for herself and as gifts.

    She lectures at the University of Glasgow and teaches Phd students and is very busy. She makes Jewellery as a hobby only and has no desires to sell her jewellery at the moment.

    That wooden stool with the hole is called a Marudai. It's a Japanese wooden tool designed to hold the tension of the braid while working with two hands as opposed to using one hand to hold the disk and one hand to braid. It's much faster. You can google it to find more about it. It's very interesting.

  8. Hello Betty - gosh that was amazing reading your post today ... I gave my son this book 2 christmas's ago & when he opened the parcel he thought I had accidently given him a childrens gift. I wanted him to read it & he has recently returned it to me having enjoyed it & thought I may like to read it again. I was thinking of mentioning this book on my next post .... & here it is on your post today :-) Yes I definately believe angels guide us & sometimes come along just when we may need them the most in our lives. I very much enjoyed your post today - we are in mid summer here so it feels strange to read of your frosts. Have a great week Betty, Hugs, Julie x0x

  9. I gave this book to a friend and he enjoyed it a lot. Love your "birdy" sound effects, the frosty leaves and the hopeful new Spring flowers, always my favourites.

  10. I wrote a comment, and it disappeared. -chuckle-

    OK, I will quickly wish you well with your Real Life duties. And hope you return to blogging, soon. I am so thrilled to have found a blog by someone who appreciates magical and whimsical and etc.

    Gentle hugs,
    (Upper NE of US)


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