Friday, 13 December 2013

Fairy Swap with Hannah

Fairies and angels having been flying to their new owners.
This is the fairy I made for Hannah at Little Mossy Mushroom for our swap

ladies hair extention from the £1 shop.  Wired ribbon parcel wrap which I sewed on to her - it is a little awkward to sew but bends obligingly in all the right places.  The wings are butterfly tree decorations from Poundland which had clips on the back and she dipped her feet in glue glitter to get her nice sparkly shoes.  Her crown was cut from the same wired parcel ribbon and sewn in place with sequins around her hairline.

My swap partner Hannah sent me this
very pretty fairy with lovely long silky hair....

She has a clever skirt sewn in sections with wire which enables her to perch neatly on my tree
each section has a little lace insert - very dainty  -  her wings are made of lace - what a clever idea.
Thankyou Hannah for a lovely swap

Some of the other swaps have completed - I will do a post of them all when we are all done.  Betty


  1. Yes, the standard is as I expected. Glad I didn't attempt to join in! Fabulous fairies xx

    1. hope you will join in next year Mags, there are lots of ideas out there on Tinternet to help us and it was a lovely swap.

  2. Betty, thank you for organising this swap. It was such fun to do and now we all have lovely angels for our trees!

  3. Betty a quick hello and we hope all is well.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Hi Betty i have completed my fairy and am just waiting for Tracey to contact me to do our swop...Linda .......x

  5. Oh Betty - both fairies looks so beautiful & delicate - just how fairies should look. I especially love their wings. I really wanted to take part in this swap but time didnt allow me to - perhaps next year :-) I look forward to seeing the other swaps. Happy weekend to you x0x

  6. Love your 'bling' fairy - she's very elegant in all her finery and I love her happy-smiley face and what a pretty fairy Hannah sent to you. Love her lacy wings too. Was a lovely little swap, Betty. Thanks for organising it and can't wait to see everyones' efforts. Have a great weekend.

  7. Very lovely fairy to grace your tree and bring a special bond from your blogger friends. I'm looking forward to seeing the others.
    Merry Christmas Betty.

  8. Sweet little dressy angel! Her dress and face are adorable.


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