Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Decorations are going up - I add a few each week as ideas come up... here are some of the most colourful corners..

Our budget was small but it wasn't a problem, I found the reindeer, tray and baubles in £1 shops.  The snowflake picture is a piece of wrapping paper with window stickers.  Even the tv table gets some baubles!

Being a tree hugger I am very keen on trees that can be planted after Christmas so am very pleased with this one from a local grower who is 90 years old and still digs them up himself!  The root is intact.  We have another which has now been potted for 3 years and is decorated with lights in the garden.

Some of you will have seen these before - Advent starts when I bring out these sacks I made for our boys when they were born -  they are now 15 and 19 but still like to see them and they are very much a part of our family traditions.

I made a lot of stars with white air dry clay...still got some clay left but inspiration hasn't struck yet, got any ideas? 

My Christmas pudding decorations made last year and our fresh tree.
I like to display my cards on the walls using sticky dots

The wreath is for indoors and is made from some bits I already had on a base that I made from twine in the Summer.  Little gingerbread house is a family favourite, it plays a tune every day and the door opens to reveal a chocolate (if I remember to put one inside!).

Still busy adding things here and there when time permits.  How's yours going?


  1. very nice Betty, so fun to decorate. Love that live tree.

  2. Betty your place looks beautiful and festive and you sure showed us a big budget is not needed. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I like decorating. I have a few more things to do and I will do them this weekend when three granddaughters are here overnight.
    I love the reindeer and the reindeer tray!

  4. Oh my, love your Christmas pudding decorations. Reminded me of my dad and mom making the pudding every year. Thanks for sparking that little memory!
    Happy holidays,

  5. Hi Betty, your decorations are beautiful and I love those baubles. I wish I could find some like those.

    My decorations are up and I tend to use the same old things every year and I add a few extras that I find at thrift shops every year.

    My gifts are still not bought except for one which we ordered online to be delivered in another city.

    I'm feeling very festive right now.
    Merry Christmas and hugs,

  6. Nice things are abounding over in your neck of the woods! I'll put up a few pictures of my cute ornament from PomPom.

  7. What a cheery and festive home you've made, Betty. I love the tray and reindeer but I mustn't buy any more decorations or the house will be bursting at the seams!Just dug out the Christmas Pudding and Little Gingerbreadman you sent me which I'll treasure forever. Love that gingerbread house too. I seem to have come to a standstill - work doesn't half get in the way when you're trying to accomplish anything but basically just got the food to do now and that will be that, hopefully!x

  8. Your decorating is looking so very lovely Betty. I especially love those white clay stars. Perhaps you could make some hearts to go with your stars if you have left over clay?? . I too have Santa stockings I made for my two sons when they were born - they are aged 28 & 31 now but still like them to be put out at christmas :-)


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