Monday, 7 January 2013

'There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort'.  
Jane Austin

I really have missed having some flowers around...It was beautiful having the fairy lights up around the house and the tree with decorations.  We had two weeks of colour overload in pinks, blues, reds, greens and golds.  Christmas has now been packed away and it's refreshing to have something simple to look at!.

I have been working over Christmas and New Year quite a lot, but the early mornings have had some pleasant surprises - like this  beautiful pink sunrise ...

and unusual breakfasts like hot christmas pudding or mince pies with cream.

Being at home is treasured, time with family, good food, a warm home. I am very keen to spring clean and to decorate - I like painting walls and ceilings... do you have the spring cleaning bug?

This very beautiful crochet cushion cover in colours I am fond of from my blogging buddy Nana was the most wonderful surprise at Christmas. 

 ... the little birdy buttons are so pretty.

I have been lucky with much needed overtime at work and have a bit more over the next few weeks so will catch up on fellow bloggers soon. Betty x



  1. What a beautiful present you received. Love your painting, it looks like a very meditative Christmas piece.

  2. Now those flowers make us feel Spring in not far off. Take it easy when you are not at work if you can. Have a marvelous Monday now.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hello there!
    Your painting of mother and child is breath taking!
    I agree it is lovely to pack away the seasonal reds and golds and bring out the pretty pinks, I have missed them too!
    Sending kind thoughts, Maria x

  4. Love Your baskets and simple flowers. A fresh start feels good, doesn't it. I bought pink tulips and Oh I have enjoyed them so!
    Take care, Betty
    xxx Alex

  5. I know exactly how you feel, I love the feeling of taking the Christmas tree & trimmings down and all being restored to calm and simple peace.

    We have just had a back hedge cut from 15ft to 8ft and I too now get to see those beautiful sunrises xx

  6. I started the Magic of Ordinary Days last night and it's a great read. Lots of this theme of home being best. For the first time I remember I am thrilled by the invasion of bright light now that all the decorations have been packed away and windows are treeless! Doesn't it feel a bit like Spring?

  7. I love Christmas decorations but I also love taking them down and spring cleaning too. I'm looking forward to Spring and all the pretty bulbs. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Maggie xx

  8. Hello Betty, yes I too love the traditional christmas colours but by the time we take them down I am ready for it. Your picture of Mother & Child looks amazing & so serene, I too feel the need to paint and freshen things up but unfortunately dont have the focus at the moment so will wait for it to come along . . . hopefully. Cheerio, Julie :-)

  9. I had to work over Christmas and New Year too. I also saw an amazing sunrise last week, but my camera wasn't up to catching it. A few days back I had a strong urge to spring clean, but it has waned now lol.

  10. Would love to have some coffee with you in your sunroom with the pretty flowers and baskets. Nice throw you received ; perfect to snuggle with while catching up on Jane.


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