Monday, 17 December 2012


I'm joining Floss and friends for a Pause in Advent.  PomPom themed joy and that felt like a good theme for me too .....I worked this weekend but on Sunday I felt complete joy as in the afternoon hubby arranged a sauna and swim at the gym he attends for me and a friend, what a lovely afternoon - catching up with each other and enjoying a detox.  Time with friends is so good for the soul.

I was exploring new blogs today and found a comment somewhere that during Advent we need to stay focused on our God and to Pause and give time to Him - festivities can be fun but only as long as they don't totally absorb or distract us - what's really important is spending time with God, family and friends.  It was a reminder I needed in the lead up to Christmas as next week our family have a lot of plans and I was getting carried away with the anticipation of it all!

I remember as a child meeting a girl called Joy and being very jealous of her name when she explained it stood for Jesus, Others, Yourself  - I wanted a name like that!  This memory reassures me that throughout life people will cross our paths and plant seeds ....I often think of that girls name and what it stands for - surely I can't go wrong if I keep those three priorities she gave me.  I will try.


  1. We love that Betty. Joy we will remember that. Glad your weekend was a good one. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a wonderful Post!

    I love your snowman watercolour. Just fantastic!

    And what an amazing cracker swap you had.

    Sft x

  3. I've heard of that anachronym ( JOY ) before. But it made me think of how we can make our own anachronym with the letters of our names. Maybe attributes we want to aspire to. I'm going to try that for myself right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. You're an angel of exhortation, Betty! Somewhere in the back of my head has been the thought that this should be a week of thinking, waiting, pausing, but you have broken through my night to say, "Fear not..."

  5. A beautiful post Betty - I love that name Joy and did not know the meaning broken down like that. I think it is beautiful, thanks so much for sharing. I can imagine how envious you wouldve been as I too wouldve felt the same way as a youngster. Thankyou for making me pause & think a bit more about the real meaning of christmas as I had been getting so caught up in all the frantic-ness of the past week. Hugs, Julie Xox

  6. I love your story about the girl, too - I felt the same way about a girl I knew called 'Grace' once my mother explained that it didn't mean 'graceful' (which she wasn't) but meant something much bigger and more important. So nice that you truly had time to 'pause' this week.


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