Friday, 16 November 2012

This Week

It's cold, damp and dark here -I had a walk along  the leafy paths of the woods looking for painting inspiration..

This little silk painting is to go in the family photo album I am making....

but now my inks are going away until sunnier days to make way for other ways of being creative.  What do you like to do on these wintry days? scrapbooking perhaps? knitting?

 When I walked in the woods today I wrapped up warm in this pretty mohair tartan scarf - it's huge and long - an Ebay auction win for four pounds!  Lucky me.  How could you not feel cheery on a cold dark day wrapped in this loveliness?

 What are you wearing on cold days?  I have noticed a lot of faux fur coming into the shops so my ancient fake fur 'bear skin' coat is going to be on trend again!

Nobody was getting much sleep here due to scurrying  and shuffling of mice at night - we finally agreed the mice that were sharing our house had to go - sadly they will be scurrying no more - but we are all sleeping better!

Look at this little trail of toadstools through the wood - a bit like Hansel and Gretel, to find your way back safely....

Thanks for stopping, Betty x


  1. Yikes Betty you should have called me I'd have dealt with those pesky mice for you. Mollys' Vermin Busters at your service if you need it. We love to cook on wet grey days. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You were definitely inspired by those leaves to make that lovely silk. You make meant to go out this afternoon and take pictures of all the leaves in our back area that need corralling. Maybe that will inspire me to get out the silk paints again. Especially like those mushrooms!

  3. a friend sent me, I'm so glad she did, you are so talented, beautiful work, I will enjoy following along on your posts!

  4. Love the scarf, just right for a chilly walk in the woods, Lucey x

  5. Betty thankyou for your kind words today, I hope your arm feels better soon, I know now you understand me completely, it must have been so much worse for you, its just Garry and I and I have no job outside the home, take care,


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