Friday, 9 November 2012

Felting, Folksy, and ... help with Fotos!

Thank you for stopping by and all your lovely comments this week - welcome to some new followers too - if you click on follower icons you will get to meet them too...  There is going to be a big blog event in January - see the link on the RHS if you want to join in over at 2 Bags Full to 'Grow your Blog'.


I am learning to knit and this is my first result! little (red) melange hearts knitted and then wet felted afterwards.  The pattern came from this book - lots of inspirational pictures - a treat to myself .  I used tutorials on Youtube to help me when I got stuck with stitch know how.


There is now an icon on my blog linking to my Folksy shop.  There is a small stock as I would like to make the paintings on request so I can offer something to suit individual price range and personal taste. The pricing is reflected in time spent on detail rather than size of silk.  I will be making small silk painted lavender bags in the future too.   This isn't intended as a business but a way of funding my silk painting materials and to pay towards some art classes next year.  Thank you to everyone for your honest, helpful and constructive comments/advice on this subject a few months ago.  I have hesitated for ages about whether to give this a try but think nothing ventured nothing gained!

Help with my Family Album Please

I share the family photograph album with my two brothers, it has become my turn to be the keeper but as you can see, the pictures are falling out, not labelled and not in a very nice holder!

Treasure:  me with my father
This is a big collection going back several generations and so some of the pictures are a bit delicate.  Any ideas on how to make an album myself to display them would be very welcome?

 Have you seen a tutorial on another blog that is for sharing maybe?  I like the idea of using aged music sheets, lace and decoupage to make this album but have no idea how!

Also, I have a 3 minute dvd remake of  an original black and white family wedding film from 1939 but have been unable to upload it onto my blog or anywhere online as I think it has been 'locked' although it will play on my pc.  If you know how to get round this problem I would appreciate your advice.

Looking forward to catching up on your blogs this weekend.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Those hearts are gorgeous!

    Well done on the Folksy shop, the items you have put there look great.

  2. We love the hearts Betty. Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. The hearts are very pretty. I can knit but I've never tried felting before. I love the photo of you and your Dad. These photos are so precious :) Maggie xx

    1. Thankyou Maggie - this felting just went in hot water - the wool I used had a high mohair content so felted without much effort on my part.

  4. I am very happy to see you are opening up a shop. Congrats on learning to knit up the felt hearts! They are sweet.

    The husband in this house is pretty tech savvy, so I will ask him about your uploading the wedding. He might have some ideas.

  5. Here is what the husband sent me, so I will copy and paste his message as follows:
    Try a dvd ripper. It is a program that reads the code and converts the file to something easily stored on computer or uploaded to internet. Here are a couple of ripper programs. Safe and free. dvd&rpp=10&searchtype=downloads&filter=licenseName%3D%22Free%22%7Cplatform%3DWindows%7C&filterName=licenseName%3DFree%7Cplatform%3DWindows%7C

    Acala DVD Ripper Professional;1

    Freemake Video Converter;7

    1. Thank you and hubby so much Nancy - these look like the stuff - will give them a try over the weekend. Betty x

  6. Well look at you Mrs. Knitter Person!I LOVE those hearts - well done you. Shaz at The Shabby Chic Bohemian would be my first stop for inspiration for a photo album (link on my blog list but I think I may have already introduced you both?).That pic of you and your Dad is wonderful. Have a good weekend too. x

    1. Thanks, Nana will take a look at Shabby's.

  7. I am your newest follower and was hoping that you'd hop on by my blog and follow me back!


  8. What fun, I have all the pictures from mum and daddy in the family now. Wonderful looking at and sharing with my children. I first learned to knit a dish cloth. You did good, beautiful blood red heart. Blessings, Janet


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