Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This Week

My garden is very pretty this morning, it is raining lightly and I sat on my bench with a cup of tea earlier, rain and geraniums smell very nice together!

Tonight I have my final sign language exam.  I am looking forward to having more spare time for painting now.

I have a lot of these roses in the garden, weighed down heavily by rain.

My boys gave this tree to me for mothers day a few years ago, it usually yeilds about 5 apples a year, but today I counted 30!

On Sunday I walked a rescue dog from the kennels, he's a jack russell who tiptoes round puddles and refuses to paddle in the river with me, but surprised me this time by rolling in thick mud on the towpath, his tummy should be white so you can see he has really gone for it! isn't he sweet?  Here I was trying to get him to rub some of the mud off without success.  I had bought a brush for him, but it seemed a bit futile using it today!

Yesterday I walked Scrappy the borrowed dog and a little friend of his but no pictures as both hands held the leads.  I met oldest son on the way back and he treated me to a cola at the pub.

Must dash so hopefully a longer post at the weekend.  Thanks for all your comments on my recent posts.  Oh, the giveaway will be coming up soon.  I will give away all three pictures that I showed as they are all liked and wanted.  Bettyx


  1. I bet you are best friend for those dogs .I love Jack Russells . We had one ourselves called Bronco

  2. You are wonderful to appreciate that frequent rain. The dogs probably don't mind a bit, do they?
    I'm glad the exam is over! I'm sure you passed with flying colors!

  3. G'day Betty. Lovely photos. The little dog is just adorable. He looks like he is smiling. Take care. Liz...

  4. Sweet squiggly dog! It is a great idea to 'borrow' dogs!!
    I've been loving the rain ~ it brings out all the flower fragrances, as you say(but of course I really feel for those in the North who have been flooded out several times..we don't seem to get so very much in the East)
    Now you can relax, after your exam challenges and look forward to the good results!
    xxx H/ A

  5. Hello there,
    Just read your profile,I also talk to my plants!
    I wonder if they hear us....
    Loved your doggie walking adventures...
    I am also wishing you the Bestest Luck in your sign language exam!!
    Thank you for your kind comment, over on mine.
    You are my 100th follower and that is lovely!!

  6. I think you just may become those little doggies' best friend. I bet they really look forward to seeing you now. Well done on getting through the sign language exam. Just know you'll have done really well. It's lovely going to the pub with a son, isn't it?!
    Lovely pics as always. x

  7. Hello Betty - gosh your garden looks so lovely ! ! The colour of the roses is amazing. Good luck for your final exam - will be thinking of you :-)
    Those dogs you walk must love you to bits. Have a great week - kind regards & friendship, Julie X x x


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