Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Weather, Woods, Painting

Here is the silk painting of the jam jar with buttercups which I was disappointed with.  I added to it so it has more colour going on.  It was an exercise in patience as I often hide away the paintings I don't like,  but this time I went back over the  mistakes and learned where I had gone wrong.

This weekend I have spent a lot of time following our beautiful Queen on t.v. and  we had our street party... lots of delicious cakes and desserts, a right royal tea party!  Also I have been in the woods a lot ... which reminds me, this weeks theme for Finding Fun is Weather and our two walks in the rain were done with this in mind.

One walk was by torchlight (we let incense sticks to deter biting insects!).  It poured with rain but was very different, we could hear foxes and owls and found evidence of badgers.  There are several of these hollow, living trees which looked far more exciting by torchlight, they would make a great den.

By the way, on our walk a wonderful opportunity arose, which I will tell you about next weekend when it is all agreed.  Bye for now.


  1. Betty, we need a phone; too much to say here but I'll try.

    First, I LOVE the buttercups in the jam jar. Love them.

    The Queen and the festivities: I followed them all Sunday and recorded most of the BBC coverage, and have watched half so far. Fascinating...I am an Anglophile at heart.

    The picture of the hollow oak looks like a sinister creature, eyes and all. Do you think so?

    I am going to write a watercolor tutorial thanks to YOU. Hope you like it. Cheers and am awaiting your news once it is finalized.

    1. thankyou Nancy, it's excellent, you are very thorough!

  2. Beautiful photo's and I love the jug painting . I envy your talent . Yes I know envy is a sin but,.!!!

  3. The Queen is beautiful isn't she. Her make up is perfect, and seems to look much nicer these days.
    Jane x

    1. I thought she looked as though she was really enjoying the River Pageant in particular and wasn't the concert last night fabulous - Kilie Minogue was outstanding.

  4. Thankyou Nancy, I just took a look - its excellent - you are very thorough!


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