Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's Me

Feeling rested after a few weeks away from blogging.   When I wasn't at work I sat on my garden bench and read books, visited some of your blogs and decorated my bathroom.  As there are three men in the house, it had to be blue!  I got to walk a few of the rescue dogs at the local dogs home and worked my way through a mountain of ironing.  Nearly into July and as promised here's a giveaway:

I would like to  offer one of these silk paintings to someone.   No jumping through hoops other than that you must have a blog and an email address and leave a comment saying which picture you prefer if you win.  Open to UK and overseas as this is very lightweight on postage.  I will pick  a  winner 21st July.

1.  Lilly of the Valley
2.  Bluebell

3. Roses


  1. Nice to see you back Betty, hope you are well rested. I don't normally enter giveaways but as I love your silk paintings I can't resist. Especially love the bluebells.

  2. Lovely to see you back - I've really appreciated your occasional comments too - thanks! We have a blue bathroom too, of course... same number of men, plus I love blue! I need to paint our downstairs loo now, though...

    I would love to win one of your paintings, but how to choose? I think I would choose the Lily of the Valley, as it's a very significant plant in France, bringing good wishes (and wonderful smells) on May 1st. Thank you for the chance to enter!

  3. I love that bluebell . My dearest friend has a blg called bluebell
    I can imagine it framed and on my bedroom wall

  4. Missed You, Missus!Love the new header too. I'm not going to enter since I've already got my Strawberry Silk (not that I wouldn't like another one of your FABULOUS paintings but I don't want to appear greedy!)but Best of Luck to everyone who enters. The winner won't be disappointed :)
    Glad you got your d-i-y finished - sounds lovely.

  5. I love the bluebells the best, thank you!
    Agatha just hopped by so I think I shall win!
    I'm so glad you had a nice break but I am THRILLED that you're back, sweet friend!

  6. Loved your work from first site. My bathroom is also BLUE… I love your Bluebell painting.

  7. Hi Betty, glad you're back! I love them all, but most of all the first one, the lilies of the valley! Bluebells and roses are lovely too!

  8. Glad you feel rested its always nice to get that feel good feeling back. Your paintings have a love delicate look to them, I love the colours. I like them all and if I had to say a favourite it would be the roses.

  9. Hi Betty, you sound like you've been busy more than rested :O) Your paintings are so pretty. Would love to be included in the giveaway - no preference, they are all equally as lovely x

  10. Hello there,
    Fallen upon your lovely blog through, Tales from a Toadstool house...
    I must say I loved your gentle paintings..
    Maybe because they are all of beautiful wild flowers..
    The jar of daisies was special!
    But Lily if the Valley is soo close to my heart, there fore my favorite!
    Thanking you so very very kindly for including me!
    Aww have a Sunday full of kindness too...

  11. Hi Betty,

    Well they are all lovely.

    The Lily of the Valley is beautiful. I love the mixture of blues, pinks, purples, greens with the turquoise of the leaves.

    But the bluebells are very special to you know from my blog and I love the shade of blue you have chosen.

    So I'm stuck between the two. I'm sure whoever wins will cherish the painting and think of you.

    Not sure if I've missed this.

    Very kind of you to offer them.

    Sft x

  12. What gorgeous pictures! I'd like to enter but I won't because I'm in the throes of redecorating and my colour scheme is changing to something more warm and yellowy.

  13. OOh, agony choosing for this (hope I'm not too late..?)... I think I would go with the bluebell, Betty, thank you, but all are gorgeous.
    You have such a feeling for flowers,I am sure you are at LEAST half fairy !!
    xxx H

  14. You are so talented sweetie, such a wonderful giveaway :) if I were lucky enough to win I would love the Roses, so pretty and one of my favourite flowers.

    Bee happy x

  15. The giveaway is closed now, winners have received their gifts: top chelsea girl, floss and pandy potter bears.


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