Friday, 1 July 2011

The Woods

Yesterday out walking across fields I found some cornflower.  When I got home I checked in my herbal book to make sure I had identified them correctly,  They definitely are cornflowers and I was surprised to read that they are now becoming rare and should not be picked.  Cornflower has properties that can help conjunctivitis and is also a diuretic.

There were not so many flower after the heavy rains, but I found thistle and foxglove in the woods.

My head is full of flowers at the moment but I am also making things.  I started a bit of applique using some silk painting scraps.  Everyone seems to have 'work in progress' and that is mine, will show you in another post.

I think foxglove are my favourite, I like the spotty insides.  They are, of course, poisonous although an extract (digitalis) can be used for heart treatment and also in homeopathic medicine the plant is used for migraine.  My book tells me there is a yellow foxglove, but I have yet to find one.


I also saw a woodpecker with a bright red head and yellow back and several nuthatch birds.

Some of the trees in the woods around here are very old and have preservation orders, like this one, with his number tag.  Nuthatch like sitting here.

Behind the tree in the distance is the beginning of some building work on new houses, it has disturbed a lot of wildlife, which is why I am seeing so many unusual birds such as the woodpecker, in our own gardens here.

I have some charity shop finds to show you another day,  Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Betty! I like foxglove, too. I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen a yellow one. You woodsy walks are so peaceful, aren't they? I hope you have a lovely weekend, too. Can't wait to see the thrift finds.

  2. We have a huge thistle growing in the untamed garden that is out there. Seems a shame to cut it down, so on it grows! We did watch Alan Titchmarsh with incredulity tonight- that city garden. Struck even more inert than usual, we were! Suns refused to go for evening stroll in evening light, so will imagine your instead!

  3. G'day. I love the cornflower, it's a beautiful color. I too, like the foxgloves and would like to see a yellow one. Great photo's Take care. Liz...

  4. I love the foxglove and the cornflowers. What beautiful photos.
    Tthanks for sharing.


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