Sunday, 17 July 2011

Vintage Applique

I finished the applique.  It was a thrifted pillowcase from a charity shop and last time I showed progress was lacking a focal point and not completed.  I unpicked what I had done as the machine tension was a bit too loose and used interface against the silk pieces before sewing on so they would have more body. I reduced the size to 1ft square.

I had bought a square scarf last year from Primark for £2 and made it into a long thin scarf leaving some scraps so that gave me the butterflies.

I plan to fill with hops and lavender as a sleep pillow.  Although Christmas is a long way off I am putting it away with someone in mind.I like the vintage look that has transpired and might do this again sometime but it took ages so not sure I would have the patience!

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