Monday, 12 July 2010

Teachers Cards

Youngest boy made cards this weekend for his teachers:

He drew his outline on silk with silver gutta, painted to his own taste, experimented a bit with salt, ironed, washed, ironed and then mum made them up into cards, It only took an hour or so and he has something really nice to give the teachers with our gifts that he can proudly say he made by himself:

If you don't have access to silk paints, I think you could use photographs or drawings just as well. 
We made it to the pub this weekend - will show you tomorrow. xxx


  1. Those are so pretty! They look like little stain glass windows.
    Pictures of the pub? Yahoo!

  2. Well done to your youngest boy, he is clearly very talented just like his Mother!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Like mother... Like son!
    You are both very creative, indeed!
    I once had a go at painting on silk... its a lot of fun!


  4. Those are so cool, please ould you link them to the teecher gift McLinky


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