Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Finished painting

I'm at work today but thought I would leave you with this, my finished woodland scene.

This is the biggest painting I have done so far so was a bit of a challenge. I have foxgloves, red campion, periwinkle, primrose and bluebell in there and for once am a bit pleased with it.

Below is how it looks on the frame with salt before washing (I actually like the pictures best when they are at this stage!)

and here's the outline I started with:

So that's enough showing off now.  Maybe will try something different next time.  Thankyou all very much for your comments yesterday, I am learning as I go so your encouragement and enthusiasm before I had even started painting yesterday spurred me along.


  1. Betty, it is beautiful, really amazing, you are very talented. I have been using MSE for quite a while, well just browsing. If it was a simple as saving more money, we would be fine, but it isnt the crux of the matter is that we actually need to bring more in, I can not spend less that I do

  2. stunningly beautiful!!! it really is- i love fox gloves and the way you have painted them is wonderful- such a fantastic talent you have...i remember silk painting at university but i wasnt very good...i could sit here and admire yours all day ;0)xx

  3. wow - this is so beautiful! I saw a small silk painting kit for sale the other day, and thought of you. I could never draw an outline like yours - what a great talent you have -

    Hope you're having a good week - I think leaving Wednesday for crafting is a good idea - it's so easy to let your own talents and interests slide -


  4. That is so beautiful, you are lucky to have such a talent! I love foxgloves. The mix of coulours and flowers are so pretty.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  5. It is absolutely beautiful Betty, as are all your paintings. You're so talented.

  6. Oh, the foxglove is perfect! Wow! You are so fast! Thank you for giving us a pretty glimpse!

  7. Not that I`m being smug (ok, just a little!)but I actually OWN one of Betty`s beautiful creations so I know first-hand what a really clever and talented lady she is.

    Your new piece is stunning Betty and the colours are beautiful - well done you!

  8. thankyou all for your comments, you are all very kind and encouraging and I feel spurred on to do more.


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