Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Day Off

A lovely day off with time for a bit of silk painting.  Siamese fighters.

I love the way I never know how my picture will turn out, a bit of salt here, a bit of water there, some colours blend some shrink away from one another, the end is a lovely surprise.

My brother has been living in Thailand, his wife is Thai, they tell me children catch these beautiful fish swimming in puddles during the rainy season..  Worth getting the jam jar out for!

mmm.. home made banana and choc chip tea bread tonight.


  1. Your silk paintings are so beautiful. A big slice of that tea bread for me please! I love making those.
    Glad you like my sandals. I got them in a shop called Dudley Mason and the assistant told me they only have 2 branches, in Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds. However .... I looked on the internet to see who else stocks Lotus shoes and apparently Barretts do! I'm sure there must be one of those somewhere near you, or you can order them online but I think you really need to try shoes on don't you. They also had them in brown and on Barrett's website also blue and fuschia.

  2. Thanks Topchelseagirl, that was really kind of you and must have taken some time up, I really appreciate it and will try Barretts near me.

  3. wow, those painting are gorgeous! and that cakes looks delicious? Can you email me a slice over?

  4. That is so beautiful, and the cake... oh dear, I've eaten too much already today.

    My aunt is Thai, although they have now moved to British Columbia, of all the cold places for a tropical gal to live! They do spend quite a lot of the time back in Thailand for work purposes, though.

  5. Mmmmmm. The tea bread looks delicious! I'll miss you. I'll check on you if I can. I wish you love and joy!


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