Sunday, 13 May 2018

The Trip! New Travel Blog

Back from a fabulous holiday in Vietnam and Hong Kong it has taken the best part of this week to catch up on laundry, housework and of course, real work that pays!  I managed to make a start on downloading some photos from the trip although there are a lot more to do.

I decided to keep my holiday reviews in a separate blog which is *** Magic Carpet Travels ***if you go there and follow you will be able to see all my pictures and posts about this trip as I add them and any future travel as they are lengthy and need their own space.  I am going to post the trip in sections for each place we visited (Hanoi, Hoi An, Sa Pa, Halong Bay, Saigon, Hong Kong)  So please go over to my travel blog if you would like to see more.

cotton open back top - Hoi An market £4

On this trip I took far too much clothing and most of it stayed in the case.  Suitcases are a real nuisance on trains, boats and in general and mine got damaged over the six flights I took so I will have to look for better/lighter luggage on future travels.   Although we slept in trains/boat/hotels, visited cities, rural areas, did a 5km trek in rice paddies and hills and had time at the beach, I found I wore the same few favourites over and over, washing at night so these things will travel again and are more than enough for any occasion. I took too many shoes (a pair of trainers would have covered most occasions).

East top (Ebay)

White shorts
5 cotton suntops
denim shorts
3 bikinis

5 beach kaftans that can also go with crops in the evening
white crops
beige chinos

2 pashminas
1 old favourite x orange stripe cotton maxi dress

Next t-shirt worn about 100 times!
beach kaftan with crops Ebay

1 grey silk dress
1 blue shift dress
cotton lightweight wrap trousers
navy moccasins
yellow suede platform sandals
blue suede slip ons
pink deck/sea shoes (kooshies)

Next time I will invest in good trainers, one day in Hong Kong we walked for the best part of a 12 hour day exploring and my feet were not at their best in moccasins although they survived!

favourite silk dress, East - worn without lining as too hot!

this little dog had pink manicured nails and prompted me to get my own done!
We didn't take many more pics of me and my dresses folks as there was way too much to see and do, but as you can see, I was never under-dressed and there was plenty of bling!

two most useful items, white t shirt/denim shorts

Jaeger silk kaftan, charity shop: wrap trousers, Hoi An market, hat Primark

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  1. Just been over to your new place. Is there a 'follow'button? Travelling light seems to be the mantra to go by!x

  2. really DID take a lot of clothes.

  3. Wow! A dedicated travel blog, I'm going over there now.
    I'm loving your snapshots especially that one of you in conversation with that lady.
    You look wonderful in your kaftans and I'm delighted that you were blinged up at every opportunity. Making the effort is always appreciated by the locals, isn't it?
    I bought a Delsey yellow canvas bag with wheels and a collapsible handle from TK Maxx about 20 years ago and it's brilliant, easy to spot on the carousel, small enough to kick under the seat on buses and trains and easily padlocked, too. xxx

  4. The dresses are beautiful!

    ...I am a little, uh, sad to see a McDonald's in an exotic land. :) Ha ha!

    1. yes I know and there is so much good food around you don't need a McD but, they did do really good, authentic, Vietnamese coffee with the sweetened condenseed milk, the tin filter pot etc. which was a surprise.

  5. Oh dear you LOOK MAGICALLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    specially in 3rd photo you look splendid!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am glad you had such wonderful time during your travels dear Betty!

    thank you so much for personal photos ,really treasure to look at :)))

    hope taking rest is lessening your tiredness of this adventure

    1. that's v ry kind of you Baili! Hope you take a look at the othr blog if you would like to see travel posts.

  6. A lovely trip.
    Loved your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  7. I'll be checking out your travel blog as soon as I've caught up here.
    Packing is always tricky, you don't want to take too much, but you don't want to not take something and need it...
    I love your kaftans, they look great.

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