Sunday, 15 April 2018


Spring has sprung!  The first bluebells are just coming out,  the roadside verges are full of celandine and the trees are budding new leaves, the woods are full to the brim with the green shoots of bluebell which should be in flower when I return from holidays in 3 weeks in a lovely fragrant carpet, also wood anemones.

 Everything is growing late this year, not surprising after the two cold setbacks we had in the UK in the last few weeks.  Due to the rain, today was my first opportunity to check bluebell progress and also my last spare moment before we go on holiday.   Wild primrose in the woods was a lovely surprise, they are everywhere.

 Moss and lichen creating a lovely soft velvety carpet in shady areas.

I am packed for Vietnam, I didn't have time to show you what I am taking, but will post some pictures on return.  We were given a whopping 30kg luggage allowance each but have taken less than half that and intend to put our cases in storage when we go on our boat trip in Halong Bay and the overnight trains/visit to Sapa.  We can pick up our cases on the way down to Hoi An where we will be on the beach for a while. 

Back in 3 weeks! 


  1. You're going to Hoi An!!! I've been there and LOVED it. I can't wait to read your travelogues.


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