Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Spring Equinox

Happy first day of Spring in the UK!

we are so lucky to have supermarkets that can bring Spring to our homes for a few pennies and
after being blanketed in snow, some fresh colour is very cheering.

These little viola got purchased then forgotten, but were hardy and survived the snow, still in their punnets they await planting and as the snow melted their smiling faces reminded me that today is officially the end of Winter!

The beast from the East was in  the UK only a few weeks ago, causing dangerous road conditions and school closures, then we had more this weekend with a blanket of snow in London and suburbia. 

I'm not very well at the moment so resting up.  Youngest son has filled the house with the most delicious aroma of lemon, garlic and corriander as he made  Lebanese potatos for our lunch - his speciality, known as Batata Harara (we ate them all but they look like this/link for recipe on caption).

  After good food, the next best thing when you are poorly is nice post.  My blogging buddy Nana sent me this delightful book as a birthday surprise, and crammed in quite  a few other lovely things, including tea and chocolate! I am reading the book at the moment, it's brilliant, would make a fantastic film.  I have also had lovely pen pal letters from Laura and Karen, blogging buddies in the USA (thank you all).

Here's hoping that Spring is settling in and that we will see flowers carpeting the woods very soon.... in the meantime here are some snaps of Brighton before the snow.


  1. Hope you will soon feel much better.

  2. Sorry you're still feeling poorly. Glad the book came up trumps though. I'm so over Winter now. It's been glorious sunshine here today, even though it's still cold but the world doesn't seem as nasty when the sun shines does it?Get better quickly.xoxo

  3. Hope you are soon feeling better Betty. Yes rest, good food & a good book! Definately. I have lots of self seeded viola in my garden - they are very hardy.

  4. I hope you're feeling better soon. Nothing like good food, tea and chocolate to help you on your way to recovery!
    I have violas in my garden, not that I put them there! They made their own way and grow in the pea shingle, they're lovely to look at.
    I Googled the book, Brighton Belle, I think the lady on the cover looks like Angelina Jolie... so there's your leading lady :)

  5. Lovely photos, and I hope you feel much better very soon.

  6. I hope you're feeling much better now.
    I've had those Lebanese potatoes in Mumbai, I'll be having a bash at making them - thanks for sharing the recipe. What a fine young man your son is to make them for you.
    I love your cheery spring pictures. We've had some sunshine today but it's still so cold! xxx

  7. Spring at last......feel better soon.

  8. sorry for your illness dear my friend!!!

    hope you feel better soon as weather is changing hopefully and warmer climate will leesen the cold bugs.

    how lucky to have such skillful son dear who made you such mouthwatering dish!

    aroma of lemon is reaching to my nose :)

    how sweet of you blogging friend to send you this book which looks great delight .

    friends from blogging world when became real life friend sounds like great blessing.
    please take good care and get well soon!

  9. Those potatoes look delicious! I need to look up that recipe and try it. We still have snow in South Devon believe it or not! It hasn't fallen for a couple of days but the snow drifts along the lanes are enormous.x

  10. It is lovely that the supermarkets have such a wide selection of cut flowers - they look and smell so lovely.

    I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    Feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  11. Kudos to your son for making lunch. Feel better soon.

  12. You composed what I think is the perfect Spring bouquet! Yay for the modern markets!

    Just recently I was reminded of how good potatoes are with lemon, and yesterday was given a big bag of lemons, and today -- your post with what looks like the recipe I need to put it all together. Thanks!

    A blessed Eastertide to you!


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