Thursday, 8 February 2018

This Week

Hi bloggers, I am feeling very in need of the great outdoors, maybe we all are... I haven't much news here but thought it was about time for a blog post so here's what I have been doing this week:

I had a lovely long walk in some woods near here with hubby and was rewarded with catkins and pussy willow  - they looked so much better than the ones behind my own garden fence!  this woodland is a little different to 'mine' as it is the home of the beautiful wild orchids I found last year - no sign of them yet though.  The daffodils were bought on the way home.  We saw lots of signs of Spring and of creature homes (badgers?).

The stone has lost it's 'B' for Brighton think maybe a car struck it (or horse and cart?)

 I love finding things like this, this milestone must have been touched by thousands of people over the years as they walk past, I imagine people, maybe with their horses, throughout the ages (wearing the various forms of dress for the period they come from ... hand made leather sandles, picnics of bread and cheese?) ... am I the only one I wonder who does this day dreaming?  It has always been a problem for me, as a child I would disappear for hours into these imaginings!

 Something lovely everywhere if you look hard enough.  Even lichen can be very pretty in my opinion.

 I just wanted to know who was making this nest, you can't see because they were busy being noisy to distract me away but I think they were blue tits. 

Talking of birds, I found this fabulous silk dress in a charity shop, sadly it is a size 8 so too tiny for me but isn't it beautiful material?  I keep thinking I should go back for it - maybe it could be reinvented, or I could shrink two dress sizes .....

I am painting for my nature journal this afternoon, there's a lot of empty space on the page so I won't show you yet, it needs filling up :)  I get the odd moment when I can paint and it turns out quite nicely but a lot of times in between in doesn't, so painting in a journal is turning out to be good practice as you can't make a mistake without spoiling a whole page,- as I rush things (everything, even eating my food!) this is a good little exercise in patience.... here's that dress again, still on my mind.

I am definitely yearning for the outdoors, flowers, greenery, sunshine - in an attempt to satisfy this craving for all things green I have planted up my bottle garden with tiny succulents (it took ages as everyone has to be air lifted in through the top and planted ever so gently without messing up the nice earthy bottom on which I have put miniature gravel, no expense spared here!  I also have herbs on the windowsills of the conservatory: sage, mint, rosemary, thyme and oregano and keep sniffing them, very therapeutic.

I had a lovely day out recently with my friend to Brighton exploring the charity shops.   We ate in a really good (and reasonably priced) chinese restuarant.  I love going with my friend because we like the same shops and the same food! can't go wrong :) the only thing I don't like is that she always wants to go home before I do!  We both found skirts, mine is navy silk with a 'flippy' hem (I am not good at selfies so will show you when hubby takes a piccie some time)

vegetables with crispy noodles (mine)

duck with noodles I think (friends)

the Charity shop search is in aid of a trip hubby and I will be doing, to Vietnam in the Spring, we will be travelling very light as exploring and trekking around quite a bit.  I don't want to take expensive, fancy clothes but am looking out for anything a little bit different to take with me that can withstand a lot of travel and not much washing.

Planning for travel is almost as exciting as the journey itself, we have a map of Vietnam on the kitchen wall so we can mark the places we are stopping off at and have stuck pictures of the touristy things we plan to do (Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa Mountain villages and exciting places like that) I am especially looking forward to some travel on overnight sleeper trains, they are apparently full of cockroaches, bumpy and noisy - looking on the bright side, I can sleep anywhere (even standing up, honestly!) and I don't mind crawlies so it will be fine.  Planning what to put in the suitcase is not so easy, everything  has to be crease free, easy to wash, light to pack, suitable for beach or town and fold up to the size of a slice of bread!

Back to here and now, I will leave you with the view if I sit up in bed and look out my window, which of course I do, every day.  How lucky to wake up to these trees every day, I will never get bored with this.

Thanks for visiting, I hope my ramblings weren't too much for you.  I do try to keep it brief on my posts but got a bit carried away today.  Leave a message, or a pebble (0) if you have time, bye x


  1. Lovely to read all you have been doing.
    Go back and try the dress on, it could be used in some way as the fabric is lovely. Cut it down the centre and wear it as a sort of flowing loose coat?

    1. I will go back for another look, that's a lovely idea.

  2. I must nose around a charity shop or two! You find the best stuff!
    I love your woodsy talk. It rained so much while I was in Washington that I thought I'd hibernate if I still lived there!
    How exciting to take a lovely trip to a beautiful Asian country! I'm sure you'll pack and unpack many times (in your mind!) before you depart!
    I think painting in a journal is lovely and I know it is hard to get by the imperfections, but it's good practice for us, I believe.
    I started a letter before I left and now it seems outdated but I will continue and mail it soon.
    Love love love, dear Betty!

    1. I am enjoying my little journal. Don't worry about letters, it shouldn't be a chore and you shouldn't feel guilty, there's always blogland and I love seeing your posts so if no time to write, don't worry :)

  3. My tulip bulbs are raising their heads.It's so heartening.So envious of your travels. I never seem to get further than work these days!!!

    1. I think your boss should send you on a mission to Fortnum and Mason so you can have a weekend out in London researching the products for her and save her the trouble:)

  4. ramble on!
    Lovely reading,keeps us going too!!

  5. Lovely post Betty. Regarding that pretty bird print dress - you could always get it & make a lovely cushion or something from the fabric - it is so pretty. How wonderful to have a day out with a friend who likes looking at the same things!

  6. I love all the little springy pictures. I love getting lost in my imagining. Now that I'm retired I have time for that again! I love your little bottle garden. The trip to Vietnam sounds very exciting. The train ride should be an adventure! I love having trees surrounding my little house. It's my favorite view. I enjoyed the post! :)

    1. Thanks Lisa, how lovely to be retired, hope you cram lots of fun things into your days.

  7. Maybe you could alter the dress? I do think the fabric is lovely.

    1. I wish, not enough material but may take another look:)

  8. I'm excited about your trip to Vietnam! We've toyed with going for years as I'm a bit of a Vietnam war geek (I know, I am a bit strange!) but I'm put off by the food as always want to eat like a local but from what I've read everything's meat and fish based - your findings might make me change my mind.
    I'm like you, I can sleep anywhere!
    Building a travel wardrobe is so much fun. I reckon that gorgeous bird print top could be refashioned into a fabulous scarf which would look fabulous with anything. xxx

  9. I LOVED that shirt you saw on charity store dear Fairy!
    looks so amazingly artistically designed!

    i loved your flowers in first pic .
    outdoors are always fun and exciting specially when you have your partner along :)

    i smiled over your mention about your friend who wants to leave earlier than you ,glad you both enjoyed food which looks inviting!

    this is great that you are about to visit the vietnam ,i don't know much about that part of land though heard brutal war conditions there long ago ,hope it has peace and happiness for you my friend .
    Best wishes for your creative attempts!


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