Saturday, 20 January 2018

January Goings On

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

I have completed the 12 Advent random acts of kindness I wanted to do, who would think it could take a month!   They were simple things like giving a work colleague a lift home, letting someone in the supermarket queue go in front, but it was surprisingly hard to fulfill the commitment!  People are suspicious if you offer kindness, especially if you are a stranger, also you have to see the opportunity before the moment passes and sometimes I just didn't until too late!  I'm getting better at it now, so I will continue to look for opportunities all the time.

first celandine 2018 Glovers Wood

On Sunday we went for a walk through Glovers Wood which I blogged about last year as it is ancient woodland and protected by the National Trust, it had the most spectacular Spring bluebell display last year.  I love these woods, they have a magical feel.  At this time of year though there is not much to see, a lot of trees had blown down in recent storms and some paths were not accessible.  I only saw one solitary celandine flower by the algae pond.

 There were different forms of fungi and lichen though and plenty of catkins.

There was a mini moss forest of small, dormant, twigs covered in moss like little Christmas trees.

 The nearby church was looking its best with a beautiful wreath and flower displays in the entrance and decorating the old wooden door. We didn't go inside as there was a service going on.

I received some lovely gifts over Christmas from my blogging buddy Nana, a pretty blue scarf with silver thread and sweets and magazine and then last week an extra surprise from the very prestigious Fortnum and Mason, some delicious Christmas biscuits and a fruit butter (which I am going to keep to have on scones).  Unexpected surprises are the very best (thanks pal).   My neighbours gave me a lovely calendar with pictures of beautiful fairies and my Spanish neighbours brought a huge amount of biscuits dipped in chocolate and marzipan/nut treats back from their visit home to Barcelona;  I had so many I took them to work and shared. I had pictures of all my pressies but I have been unable to upload them. 

After all those random acts of kindness I felt I needed some myself, so joined Gabrielle Trainor's 'Warm Embrace' project.    Some of her email courses, like this one, are free (  I started late and haven't caught up yet!   You get a daily email for a month with little reminders to slow down and be kind to yourself - many of us feel guilty 'indulging' ourselves but just a few minutes a day to do something nice for yourself is very therapeutic.  You might like this too if you feel in need of some small scale self nurturing :)
P.S.  I have just read Hazelxjoy's post about her efforts to play a part in reducing packaging and saving our planet.  Having seen a beautiful turtle on tv that had a plastic straw stuck in its nostril I became more aware and concerned for how plastic is impacting on our environment.  I have recently written to McDonalds asking if they can consider removing plastic straws from their restaurants and using paper straws instead; I had an email from Leon Restaurant this week stating they are phasing out use of plastic straws in their restaurants:  If they can do it, surely everyone can?    I am trying to reduce the amount of foods I buy which are pre-packed - (even cucumbers come in a plastic sleeve) or where packaging is necessary, I try to choose products with recycleable containers.  This is a small step but I hope if more of us start to reject plastic packaging we can make a difference.  Have you been able to reduce your household plastic waste? please share your ideas.

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  1. It's a lovely idea to do rrandom a acts of kindness and fun to watch the ripples spread.

  2. You are right, all that extra plastic ends up doing harm, especially if it ends up in the ocean or a river or lake. I never use straws, they are wasteful and I once read how many plastic chopsticks are thrown out in China. You can imagine! Your Christmas gifts sound lovely.

  3. A beautiful walk.
    Odd how random acts of kindness can be so difficult.
    I find that these happen quite often here in Scotland..perhaps thats just a coincidence with the place we live and those we visit...

  4. Hi Betty! Oh, I love seeing the woods through your eyes!
    Oh, that Nana Go Go. She is a star like you! I wish you two would come to Denver to visit.

  5. Good to reduce and reuse. I always enjoy my walks and my eyes seek out every little thing!

  6. That course you are doing looks interesting Betty. I might look into that a bit more. Yes I agree = I often miss my opportunity for random acts of kindness because I hesitate. Its easy to do but I am getting better at it like you are.

  7. A local restaurant has swapped its plastic straws for paper ones.I found a great place to buy my fruit and veg locally. It's called the Veg Shed and all the stuff is laid out in tiny compartments with numbers on them and you put your money into the machine and press the relevant number and the door opens and you take your stuff out. No plastic wrapping or anything and the potatoes I bought came in a huge Brown paper bag. You take your egg boxes back too to be recycled. I love the F&M tins that the biscuits come in.They're so pretty.I'll give that website a look, it sounds interesting.xoxo

  8. I LOVE the mini-moss forest! I think I have more recycling than garbage to throw away. I hope my recycling is helping, but I'm a little cynical. How much actually goes on to become something else? Random acts of kindness are very fulfilling. Must look for more opportunities! :)

  9. It is good to reduce and re-use, every little we do must help!
    I did enjoy seeing your photographs, they are lovely.

    All the best Jan

  10. What a shame that people are suspicious of kindness, but in a way it makes all the more

    I love the sound of biscuits dipped in chocolate and marzipan/nuts. Marzipan isn’t used enough in my opinion :)

    It’s so important to look after ourselves, when did it become selfish to do so? It seems crazy. We need to be at our best to do our best, it just doesn’t work otherwise.

    When I wrote my post on the little changes I’d made for the environment, I thought to myself if this inspires just one person I’ll be happy, so seeing you mention my potsherd, and reading your comment on my post made my day. It’s so true that if we all make an effort great changes can be made.

  11. potsherd? I meant 'post here'... hehe

  12. i agree that situation of the world has changed and people are more scared of everything and everyone

    criminals have played main role to raise this fear among innocent simple mind of people so they get scared to trust on some one who they don't know
    i adore your attitude my friend that you believe in and do act of kindness i been doing this since my age when no one even thinks about it but i found PEACE in such acts of kindness

    i loved the glimpses of you lovely walk fairy!!!

    so much natural beauty which brings serenity and fulfilment to soul

    i felt sorry for poor turtle ,i am seeing this earth sinking in the sea of plastic bags which is horrible
    it seem HARD to handle for govt to deal with this scary issue here either

    i am happy that you received so many lovely gifts from friends ,blogging fellow and even your neighbours :)
    this must be so cheerful for you
    best wishes for each step you take ahead my friend!


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